Sajakorpi Oy

Manufacturer of Technical Brushes for Winter Maintenance of Runways, Taxiways, Walkways and Parking Areas

SAJAS Group is a manufacturer of technical brushes for airfields and airports. Its success is based on high-quality products and continuous product development. As an indication of the dynamics of the 70-year-old family-owned corporation, its products and production methods have been granted several worldwide patents and design patents. Today, Sajas Group serves its customers in more than 40 countries all over the world and the vision of the company is to become the most desired brush brand in the world.

We offer a complete selection of brushes for sweeping and the winter maintenance of runways and taxiways, walkways, parking areas, streets, roads and other paved areas. Our brushes are compatible with all runway sweepers and sweeper-blowers on the market, such as those from Aebi Schmidt, ARA, Boschung, Bucher Schörling, Fresia, Johnston, Vammas, Zaugg and Øveraasen.

Our mission is to help our airfield customers to perform better in their daily work. This means that we seek to serve all our customers, whether large or small ones, quickly and efficiently all over the world. We offer our customers the most powerful and durable brushes of the highest quality, rapid deliveries all over the world, easy installation and warehousing, and partnership for innovation.

With air travel, maintaining safety and schedules are extremely important factors for passengers. Sajas Group has developed a high quality set of brushes that can clean airport runways quickly and safely, regardless of snow conditions.

Company Profile

  • SKYLINE™ - Runway Maintenance Brush Cassette

    SKYLINE™ is an ECOLINE™ brush cassette made of 100 % polypropylene. The unique form of the SKYLINE™ brush makes it superior for runway maintenance. It is easy to mount and dismount, which also reduces the load of the core and stress of the machine.

    SKYLINE™ is the perfect solution against snow, solid material, FOD and it sweeps also the water away. The use of polypropylene of the highest quality ensures that the SKYLINE™ cassette can withstand extremely low temperatures, down to -40°c, without losing its bristles or adaptability. SKYLINE™ is part of the ECOLINE™ product range and fully recyclable.

  • SAJA® Steel Wire Brush Rings - Tufted & Standard

    We produce both tufted and standard brush rings. These can also be combined on the core of the brush to achieve the desired brushing performance. The brush rings are carefully balanced to create an even wear of the brush, to relieve the stress of the bearings and to prevent unwanted vibrations.

  • SAJA® Tufted Steel Wire Cassette

    The profile on our tufted brush cassette is either polypropylene or polyethylene and filled with bundles of galvanized steel wires.

    The high-quality materials ensure peak performance in the maintenance of runways, taxiways and other paved areas – no matter if there is ice, snow, rubber, solid material or FOD on the surface.

    Tufted steel wire cassettes are available in various profiles and lengths to fit the core of the machine.

  • Conventional Roller and Channel Brushes

    SAJA® conventional channel brushes are suitable for sweeping machines that have a cover plate. SAJA® brushes are available for all kind of sweeping machines. We provide bristles in FMG polypropylene, flat wire or a mixture of both and nylon.

    TURBOLINE® Channel Brush

    Our top quality TURBOLINE® channel brush selection provides the right option for any situation. Whether you are cleaning sand, rubbish, weeds, wet leaves or icy mud, our range offers the best possible brush solution for your sweeping machine.

    Convoluted Brush Ring BEELINE®- made of polypropylene

    BEELINE® is a convoluted ECOLINE™ brush ring made of 100 % polypropylene. It was designed to be used without distance rings. The dish openings of a brush roll consisting of BEELINE® brush rings make the sweeping more powerful and improve the broom’s pitching ability. BEELINE® consists of about 40 % more brushing material than regular brush rings and lasts even twice as long as conventional brush rings.

    Full plastic BEELINE® brush rings can be used in all weathers. The bristles can withstand even extremely cold temperatures without breaking out and are corrosion-free. BEELINE® brush rings are also lighter than traditional brushes.


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