Sani Pass™

Full Passenger Disinfection, Luggage Disinfection, Pallet Disinfection, Luggage Cart Disinfection & Body Temperature Monitoring System

Sani Pass – The Evolution

In cooperation with a talented group of engineers we have developed Sani Pass, short for Sanitation Passage. Sani Pass is a fully automatic/ touch-free disinfection unit. Features include real time body temperature measurement, face mask recognition, touch-free hand cleansing wash as well as full body disinfection. The combined process has been proven to kill 99% of the germs and viruses on one`s outside body, clothes and hand held items as one walks through the unit. The entire process is completed in 8- 10 seconds for able body individuals through an application of a light fog of a non-toxic, food grade and odorless disinfection agent.

Sani Pass can be effective in various settings including airports, educational institutions, public transport, shopping malls, cinemas, hotels, offices etc.

People want to be protected. People want to feel a sense of security when they return to common areas outside of their homes. Sani Pass along with proper PPE will provide what the public expects and deserves. Today going forward.


one-stop disinfection shop for transport related industries

high quality products with customised western based internal technologies

ISO 13485 medical quality management for the manufacturing facility

SGS certification for the manufacturing facility

Sani Pass warranty included in any sale

all items are CE or UL certified for use in Europe and north America

RoHS certification for all units

proprietary non-toxic, food grade disinfection agent approved by various health ministries

dry fog disinfectant application leaves no residue on any surface

one of a kind disinfection unit

leasing options available


SANI PASS™ Disinfection Channel

We offer three different models of Sani Pass. M64 - Unit for small to medium audience traffic. L76 - Unit for heavy audience traffic with a larger bay. T96 - Portable unit …

Luggage Disinfection Unit

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Pallet Disinfection Unit

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Luggage Cart Disinfection Unit

It has been noted in several studies that the COVID-19 viral particles can stay viable on inanimate surfaces for up to 3 days. With the increase in worldwide passenger traffic so will the risk of …

Body Temperature Monitoring System

The SP_TM01 unit combines AI temperature measurement + mask recognition detection. It adopts Rockchip RK3288 high- performance hardware platform, industrial grade binocular camera and face recognition, as well as infrared thermal imaging technology. Furthermore the …

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