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Aviation and Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Services - Safety Sensitive Roles

Screen4 is a worldwide leader in the provision of Aviation and Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Services – Safety Sensitive Roles. The company provides services throughout the world maintaining a personal and individual approach to each client’s needs.

Policy Advice, Training & Education, Fully Legally Defensible Testing, Worldwide Network, Aftercare & Support

Introducing a Drug and Alcohol policy into any workplace is complex and can cause confusion and unwanted consequences. Screen4 work closely with our customers to ensure any proposals put towards employees are appropriate and robust solutions.

WHY TEST? – Safety Sensitive Roles

There are 4 main reasons for testing:

  • Pre-employment – To screen out possible future drug and alcohol related issues.
  • Random – To actively promote a Drug and Alcohol free workplace.
  • For cause/Post Incident – In response to an accident/incident, suspicion or near miss.
  • Follow Up – As part of an ongoing ‘return to work’ programme.

Any or all these reasons for testing may be used individually or in conjunction with one another.

Whether the industry you work in is regulated (eg. Transport, Rail and Oil) or unregulated we can provide you with expert advice and the right solution to fit your business.

With over 300 Collection Agents Worldwide we can provide your company with the same high level of service anywhere, anytime.

Company Profile

  • Aviation and Workplace Drug Testing Solutions - Safety Sensitive Roles

    Screen4 offer a number of Drug Testing methods. These include both instant on site tests and Chain of Custody samples analysed at UKAS accredited Laboratories.

    Point of Care Testing

    Screen4 provide Point of Care testing products for urine and oral fluid that are fully CE compliant and manufactured under ISO 13485 guidelines; these are accurate and prove to have time and cost savings in comparison to Laboratory Screening. Where required positive results can be backed up by a Chain of Custody sample sent for Laboratory Confirmation.

    Laboratory Services

    Screen4 is able to provide UKAS accredited fully validated Chain of Custody Laboratory testing of urine and oral fluid. There are two types of Laboratory test available; a laboratory ‘screening’ and a laboratory ‘confirmation’ test.

    Screening Test

    Immunoassay screening is not a conclusive test but gives an indication as to whether a test sample is positive or negative for the drug group being analysed. It can not take into account any legitimate medication taken which lies in the same group as any illegal substance.

    Confirmation Test

    A confirmation test validates immunoassay screening results since it provides drug analysis of higher specificity. The most commonly recommended forms of confirmation test are Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) and Liquid Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS).

    Urine Testing

    Urine Testing is the historical, tried and tested method of detecting drugs of abuse and alcohol. The advantages are:

    • When compared to Oral Fluid the detection window for some drugs within Urine is increased
    • The results of the test may be displayed within minutes
    • The availability of a split sample for confirmation analysis at the Laboratory
    • Sample taken under Chain of Custody conditions, fully legally defensible
    • Urine Allows for simultaneous detection of up to ten different drug groups from a single sample

    Oral Fluid Testing

    The advantages of using Oral Fluid Testing are:

    • Simple, painless, less invasive sample collection
    • Sample adulteration is prevented because the collection is directly observed
    • No requirement for special testing facilities
    • The results of the test may be displayed within minutes
    • Sample taken under Chain of Custody conditions, fully legally defensible
    • Oral Fluid allows for simultaneous detection of up to ten different drug groups from a single sample

    Hair Testing

    Hair testing shows up substance abuse over a much longer period than oral fluid or urine.  The main benefits of hair testing are:

    • Longer window of detection dependent on hair length.
    • Detailed data can be provided on a month by month basis.
    • no requirement for special testing facilities
    • Sample taken under Chain of Custody conditions, fully legally defensible
  • Aviation and Workplace Alcohol Testing Solutions - Safety Sensitive Roles

    Screen4 offers a number of alcohol testing products ranging from legally defensible calibrated breathalysers to more cost effective disposable tests.

    Alcohol is absorbed into the blood stream within a few minutes of consumption. It has an initial stimulant effect, acts as a depressant, dehydrates the body tissues and even at levels below the legal drink and drive limits will affect co-ordination, reaction times, thinking, judgement and mood.

    The easiest way of detecting levels of Alcohol in a person is by taking a breath sample. This is a straight forward process which is not intrusive. Using a calibrated instrument, the result may be used as evidence.

    The benefits of breath testing for alcohol are:

    • An evidential print out is instantly obtained for each test
    • The results gained are fully legally defensible
    • Quick, easy non intrusive
    • A calibrated instrument is used
  • Drug and Alcohol Mobile Testing Network

    In certain industries, a drug-free workplace is critical. An excellent way to be sure employees are productive, safe and trustworthy is by implementing an effective drug-testing program. Screen4’s fully functional on-site mobile collection units make drug testing convenient.

    The units are available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week and can be pre booked for all types of pre-employment or random drug and alcohol testing.

    The units are fully equipped with toilet facilities and evidential breathalysers.

    Mobile units are particularly ideal in the event of the following:

    • Remote site locations
    • Inadequate facilities available
    • SME’s


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