Airport Exterior Security Street Furniture Solutions

Securiscape is a leading supplier of airport exterior security street furniture, offering attractive and robust solutions to the threat of a direct vehicle-borne attack by terrorists and perpetrators intent on causing maximum loss of life, damage and large-scale travel disruption.

Developed in the wake of the Glasgow International Airport attack in 2007, our products have been rigorously tested to the BSi PAS-68:2010 standard, which is the UK security industry’s benchmark for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation equipment.

They include security bollards, benches, bicycle racks and a rise-and-fall kerb, as well as our show-stopping surface-mounted planters, which are available in three different sizes and a range of different designs, including a smart brushed steel finish, and can be planted up with everything from a colourful display of bedding plants to trees.

This ensures that you can create a ring of steel without drawing attention to your defences, which avoids creating a climate of fear amongst passengers and staff.

Our products have been installed across London and all over the country, offering peace of mind to staff working at the headquarters of international banks, embassies, shopping centres and railway stations, as well as the Royal Courts of Justice.

Thanks to an extensive R&D programme, our products have been proven capable of stopping a 7.5 tonne truck in its tracks thanks to our fully patented mounting and reinforcement systems.

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Company Profile

  • Airport Security Planters

    No-one wants to feel like they are under attack, which is why our security planters are designed to give “hidden” passive protection, by creating a ring of steel without sacrificing the appearance of your premises.

    Fully patented and rigorously tested to the BSI PAS68 standard, our planters look just like any other street planters.

    However, hidden from view beneath the attractive exterior is a powerful defence system which uses a bespoke construction design and a unique fixing process to ensure that the planters can withstand a direct hit from a vehicle – including a 7.5 tonne truck driven at 40mph – without moving an inch.

    When placed strategically in front of the entrance to an airport arrival or departure hall, the planters will foil a hostile attack from terrorists intent on causing mayhem by driving a vehicle full of explosives into the building and detonating them – as seen at Glasgow International Airport in 2007.

    At the same time, they will create a feel-good factor, by bringing a splash of colour and a sense of nature to the concrete jungle.

  • Airport Security Bollards

    Capable of stopping a 7.5 tonne truck, our security bollards can create a barrier that will disable and stop a vehicle borne attack without preventing pedestrians from passing through.

    They are identical to a standard bollard and are available in four different sizes and in a range of colours, with a sleek, modern design – that can even be tailored to your design requirements.

    Capable of being combined with any other Securiscape products, the bollards can be easily and quickly installed by our own trained fitters – giving you peace of mind in a matter of minutes.

  • Airport Street Furniture

    From tree containers to seating and bike racks, our street furniture is capable of protecting your premises while performing an aesthetic or practical function at the same time.

    Surface mounted using 100mm pins, the equipment can be strategically placed to create an impregnable barrier without passengers or staff being any the wiser about their true purpose.

    Easily and quickly installed, they can also be easily removed, giving you a flexible and effective solution to your vehicle-borne attack security arrangements.

  • Manual Rise and Fall Kerb

    Ideal for locations where there is a lack of electricity, our manual rise and fall kerb can be supplied as a surface-mounted product or installed as a cassette.

    Easy to deploy either trailer-mounted or via a Hiab lorry, the kerb has been tested to BSI PAS 68 standard and can stop a 7.5 tonne truck.


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