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Training, Consultancy, Mentoring, Manned Security Provision, Auditing, Testing, Overt & Covert Testing, Penetration Testing, Managed Solutions, Quality Assurance, and Vetting

SES Aviation are proud to offer a different solution to your compliance needs. With a team of truly knowledgeable consultants and instructors, SES Aviation care about our partners continued trust in our support to enhance and assist their operational needs. Our renowned experts offer a wide range of services, from Consultancy to Mentoring, to Auditing and Inspections, leaving you safe in the knowledge your operation is receiving the best possible compliance support and offering a solution to the ever-evolving threat the industry faces.

SES Aviation offer a wide range of first-class solutions ranging from manned provision of qualified security staff to training existing resources to the highest of standards increasing compliance and operational efficiency. Whether you need a Loader, Screener or Operational Manager, SES Aviation can provide a tailored  bespoke package that just doesn’t meet your requirements, it exceeds them!

Our vetting team can support your resourcing requirements, enabling you to recruit the best staff and be assured that your new starters are cleared to the highest standard, helping mitigate the risk of an insider threat.

SES Aviation employs a highly respected training team with national and international expertise, who use that experience to enhance the training delivery. The training team is rapidly deployable to meet your needs whenever they arise, as well as delivering a quality, compliant and enjoyable learning experience, utilising the latest training techniques and technologies to ensure the best learning environment for your training needs, at an affordable price.

But all of this would be pointless if the system fails, and that’s why SES Aviation offer a Quality Assurance team that are capable of delivering a testing product designed to highlight your vulnerabilities and support in the mitigation process to address the risk. From Covert and Overt testing, to Penetration Testing, SES Aviation pride themselves on designing a Quality Assurance programme that will improve your operational staffs skills and knowledge and leave your organisation safe in the knowledge it is performing above the required standards.

SES Aviation is a part of the SES Group, one of the most recognisable brands within the Show and Event Security world and were entrusted to deliver 6000 security personnel for Operation London Bridge (Queen Elizabeth II Funeral).

It’s that pride and passion that drives SES Aviation to deliver a truly quality solution for every customer.

To discover how SES Aviation can assist you in all aspects of Aviation Security & Compliance contact our team at or visit our web site at:

Company Profile

  • Aviation Security Training

    With the ability to provide Aviation Security Training as a registered training provider of the Department for Transport (DfT), SES Aviation has the expertise, and the skills to offer you high quality training for your operational needs.

    Our instructors are fully qualified to deliver a wide range of training which is regulated and mandated by the DfT, which includes;

    • Aircrew Security Training (AST)
    • Aviation Security Managers (ASM)
    • Airport Supplies (AS)
    • In-Flight Supplies (IFS)
    • Air Cargo Security (ACS)
    • Known Consignor (KC)
    • Hold Baggage Reconciliation (HBR)
    • Aircraft Search
    • General Security Awareness Training (GSAT)
    • Ground Security Operative (GSO)
    • Ground Security Supervisor (GSS)
    • Recognition of Firearms & Explosives (RFX)

    SES Aviation have experience delivering nationally and internationally to the highest standard and can work with clients to deliver a solution bespoke to your operational requirements and resourcing.

  • Consultancy and Operational Management

    SES Aviation can support your operation, short or long term, with the deployment of an Operational Manager or Consultant. Our Operational Management & Consultancy teams have many years of operational experience and are trained and recruited to the highest standards, using all their experience at national and international level to exceed your expectations.

    Our team can support you with your compliance, provide advice, undertake audits and authorship of your Aviation Security (AvSec) documentation.

    We work closely with our clients and partners, ensuring all regulatory requirements are met and compliance is at the forefront of all aspects of the operation.

  • Quality Assurance

    The true measure of a successful operation is whether it stands up to a test. Our Quality Assurance team can deliver a wide range of tests to meet clients individual operational needs and perform a series of tests to give you the true picture of your security standards.

    Our team can deliver Overt and Covert Testing, using devices and items of varying complexity to ensure your security processes and procedures are meeting the required standard. All testing is followed up with a detailed report enabling you to understand your standards, and act on any vulnerabilities.

    Our team works diligently to support your operation. Testing when, where and how requires detailed planning to ensure the data collected is meaningful and transparent, which can support you in your training needs, identifying the risks and vulnerabilities to be addressed, and enhance your operational security and compliance.


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