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Airport Security/ Biometrics/ Access Control/Self-service Terminal Surveillance

Shenzhen D-VITEC set up on 2002,we integrated market-leading Biometrics technologies into Mini security cameras for Access control/Self-service Terminals such as ATM/VTM/RTM/Kiosk/Charging facilities/etc.

D-VITEC’s product portfolio includes Mini cameras for Face Tracking,Face Recognition,Face Image Snap-shot, Liveness Detection, and Iris Identifier,Finger-vein Identifier.

D-VITEC own DSP,with VID recognition.We are member of USB Association, member of ATMIA and member of Airport-suppliers

D-vitec gain great fame among our customers such as NCR, Wincor Nixdorf, Diebold Nixdorf,Hitachi,GRG,Nautilus Hyosung,OKI,etc. D-vitec seizing the largest market share in Chinese local Banks ATM Surveillance.

D-vitec also explored our business to Industrial Vision area which apply in Modernized mass production, main products include 3D Industrial Vision Camera,Standalone Bar-code Reader,etc.

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Company Profile

  • Face Recognition Mini Camera

    Face recognition technology is based on human facial features, to firstly judge the face existence in face image input or video stream, then gather information such as face position/size/main organs location, to recognize each face’s identification by further extraction of face features and comparison with known face database.

  • Liveness Detection Mini Camera

    Liveness Detection technology is based on innovative binocular algorithm to analyze high-precision face data. Analyze and recognize key features such as nose height/distance from eye to ear or mouth/interpupillary distance within 1mm calculation error. Effective prevention of replacement by photo/video/other fake fraud. Accurate detection of “living man/real man” to ensure the accuracy of liveness detection. Compared with most monocular vision technology, D-vitec liveness detection possess higher accuracy, faster processing speed and easier maintenance/update of database. Self-learning and self-adjustment overcome the impact of camera performance caused by light changes/ complicated background environment /other uncertain factors.

  • Finger-vein Identifier

    Finger vein recognition is a method of biometric authentication that uses pattern-recognition techniques based on images of human finger vein patterns beneath the skin’s surface to realize personal identification under high precision and high efficiency. Blood vessel patterns are unique to each individual, as are other biometric data such as fingerprints or the patterns of the iris. Unlike some biometric systems, blood vessel patterns are almost impossible to counterfeit because they are located beneath the skin’s surface. The finger vein ID system is much harder to fool because it can only authenticate the finger of a living person

  • Iris Recognition Camera

    Human eye mainly consists of sclera, iris, pupil lens, retina and other components. Iris is an annular part located between the black pupil and the white sclera, which contains many intertwined spots, filaments,  corners, streaks, crypts, etc.Iris will remain unchanged in entire life after it’s formation during fetal development stage.

    These characteristics determine the uniqueness of iris features, so does the uniqueness of identity. Therefore, we could take iris characteristics as identification object for each person.


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