Sichuan CAMY New Energy Co., Ltd.

Battery Management Systems and Power Packs for Electric Airport Vehicles

Keep The Airport Green

The core businesses of Sichwan CAMY New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is to design and develop new power systems for electric airport vehicles. The main products include li-ion power pack and related Battery Management System (BMS), fire protection system, background management and multi-purposes smart charging system. We tailor-make our systems to fit the different purposes. Up to now, we have over 90 patented designs and provide 70 different types of li-ion power packs to over 3000 units of electric vehicles.

Our main customers include but not limit to Airports, Shipping Terminals, Public Transportation Companies, Special Vehicle Manufacturers etc. all over China. We supply li-ion power packs to Toyota, Linde, TLD, Shanghai Hangfu, Beijing Public Transportation, etc. We have built long relationships which these Companies.

Company Profile

  • Protective System Against Fire

    We kill the fires in the ‘egg’ form. Our patented design ‘ultra violet sensor’ detects the ‘fire in egg form’.

  • Smart Charger

    We charge any known power pack between 48V to 80V.

  • Lithium Power Pack

    We provide the safest lithium power pack.


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