FIDS, PA System, Airport Wayfinding, Passenger Announcements, Digital Signage

Simpleway is a global provider a Unified Passenger Information System that administrates real – time data to passengers via audio messages, LCD Displays, LED panels, information booths, mobile telephones, websites and social media networks.

The aim of such integration is to connect all the individual channels together where they work in unison.

For any situation – be it a delay, cancellation, rerouting or any kind of emergency –you can easily create a business rule that will delivers information to your passengers in any way, any time and anywhere you need. The system can control a wide variety of devices and generate messages specifically for them – voice announcements for public address, visual messages for digital signage, interactive kiosks and led panels, mobile notifications for mobile apps, SMS, emails, webpages or updates of social network feeds such as Twitter and Facebook. All of these resources are available to you to provide relevant information like real-time situation updates or to create a revenue stream by displaying targeted advertisements.

As data is essential to passenger communication, the business rules engine is fed by a flexible data integration framework that can import and export real-time and schedule data from any medium in any format you can imagine – whether an industry standard or a customized format. The system is designed with multi-modality and multi-system in mind so as to achieve a seamless passenger experience in a fully converged transit system including all modes of transportation.

Key advantages:

  • Commercial advertisement space to reduce the operational costs.
  • Compliant with ADA, EU regulations for disabled persons.
  • Voice support in more than 30 languages.
  • Independent of end devices.
  • Station or Gate LCD and LED panels and voice announcements.
  • On Board LCD and LED panels and voice announcements.
  • Information Kiosks.
  • Mobile applications.
  • Web presentations and microsites.

Key features:

  • Multi system – open for cooperation with 3rd party systems.
  • Configurable using Simpleway Business Rules.
  • Open API for data provision.
  • Real-scenario driven information analysis.
  • Targeted passenger communication.
  • Comprehensive Administration Tools.

Company Profile

  • Unified Passenger information System

    Our aim is to offer passengers information on their flight status from the moment they leave their homes until they board their flights; although our services do not end there – at the airport of destination, we update each passenger on the unloading of their luggage.

    The main benefit for the airports is that Simpleway products share a single back-end system that works for all the features mentioned above. There is no need for a dedicated interface between FIDS / BIDS or automated announcement data exchange, nor any need to contact several companies when a change has to be applied in one of the systems. We offer an all-in-one solution that runs on one platform, yet each system can still be run separately.

  • Natural Public Voice Announcements

    We pay special attention on the language quality of the voice announcements. Our audio experts work closely with voice talents to create recordings which are then cut into small segments and put together to make full sentences ready to be played via the PA system. This technology provides the best clarity and voice intelligibility. Standard voice libraries can be extended or re-created based on customer needs within a few weeks.

    Voice libraries are not limited to general announcements such as boarding or gate change calls, but can include a full range of airline- or airport-related announcements, from a welcome message to a meal voucher when the passenger’s flight is canceled. Plus, a number of subsections can be added.

    Last but not the least, the software can also serve as the integration layer between different PA system zones or systems. It makes it possible for dynamic call routing between individual PA subsystems to be set up via Cobranet, a feature that has been fully exploited at Vancouver international airport – one of the world’s largest Bosch Praesideo installations.

  • Mobile Application

    Passengers no longer merely expect the information of arrival, departure, and traffic updates from Public Information Systems. They also want to know the weather at their final destination, reading safety tips, and the ability to view maps, stations and stop layouts, knowledge about retail options for their journey to ease the stress of their journey.

    With that in mind, we designed an application for mobile devices that serves passengers with real – time travel data and other useful customer information that can reach commuters both locally or globally – based on the context – via multiple communication channels such as E-mail, SMS, social media, and a personalized web page. This way, the communication gets truly personalized – the right message at the right time and place.

  • Flight Information Display System (FIDS)

    The display system can show any kind of graphical content, including online Internet streaming, audio and video content. There is no need for any substantial investment on new hardware or software, as the system uses a standard media player for video and a customized embedded image for static content, allowing the information generated by the system to be displayed on existing common off-the-shelf hardware.

    The system operator can choose the type of channels used and the way the information is delivered, as well as easily change the information without the need to adjust the core of the system. Airlines and third-party ground handlers can access the system by using mobile or web-based user interfaces to insert flight updates manually. Following validation, these can be reflected throughout the entire system.

    The system also accounts for a travelrs with hearing disabilities, thus the text of the currently played voice announcement is displayed on the information panel. We believe that this should be a standard solution available at every airport to support disabled passengers.

  • PC Call Station

    A call station client SW is ready for installation to meet an agent’s needs at gate, baggage claim or operations areas.

    This state-of-the-art and user-friendly ergonomic GUI can be fully customized according to individual customer needs.

    The software is hardware and OS independent and can be installed even on mobile devices such as iPad or on CUTES to save gate desk space.


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