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Simtra was founded in 1989 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Originally involved in the navigation of mobile robots, the company branched out in 1994 and merged the results of their robotics research with airport know-how provided by the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority. The result was PathPlanner, the market leading software application for airside planning and design.

Today the company is recognized as the leading supplier of software solutions and services for airport planners, designers and engineers, and customers can be can be found in more than 50 countries worldwide.

As an Autodesk® Authorized Developer, Bentley® Technology Partner and Briscsys® Application Developer, Simtra ensures seamless integration in the respective CAD platforms offered by these companies as well as compatibility with the latest versions on the market.

PATHPLANNER is a CAD application which is widely regarded as the leading software for airside planning, design and operations.

OBSTACLE SURFACE PLANNER is a CAD application that allows planners to precisely control and establish the multitude of existing or potential obstacles in an airport’s surrounding environment.

AIRCRAFT DATA VIEWER is a tool that allows the user to view, print and store aircraft specifications without the need for a CAD platform.

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    The PathPlanner Gate module allows for accurate and fast gate design – boarding bridge parking and docking has never been so simple!

    This module contains additional aircraft data such as servicing points, door sill heights and a safety clearance box. The library contains more than 1300 passenger boarding bridge types from various manufacturers. The envelope of operation of the passenger boarding bridge is displayed and with a few clicks the user is able to dock the bridge to the selected aircraft. The software calculates nose gear stop positions, bridge slope, cab rotation and tunnel extension.


    The PathPlanner Presentation module offers aircraft color fill, for example to distinguish aircraft from various airlines. Animations of aircraft and vehicle movements can be linked and recorded in an AVI – a great tool to present technical results in a convincing way to higher management or clients. Apron capacity issues or an aircraft turn around process can be visualized in this way.




    The Obstacle Surface Planner software provides the perfect tool to control the multitude of obstacles, and their respective clearance requirements, within an airport’s operational environment.


    The Obstacle Surface Planner Base module is the foundation for every license and contains the majority of obstacle clearances surfaces as specifically defined by FAA and ICAO as well as the basic functionality to create the surfaces in a 2D or 3D environment.


    The Obstacle Surface Planner Advanced module offers additional functions that provide for fast and reliable obstacle clearance organization, analysis and in-depth studies based on geographical input. These extended capabilities even allow users to assess user-defined obstacle clearances.




    Aircraft Data Viewer does not require a CAD platform but instead operates as an application in the Windows environment – browsing for aircraft data has never been so easy! Aircraft dimensions, turning characteristics, door sill heights, jet blast impact, service point locations, it is all there. Specifications of up to five aircraft can even be compared in one table. The information can be viewed on screen, sent to a printer, or stored as PDF.

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    PathPlanner is the leading software for airside planning, design and operations. It is the perfect tool for analyzing aircraft and vehicle movement on airport aprons and taxiways, assessing stand clearances and jet blast impacts and simulating complex pushback maneuvers.


    The PathPlanner Base module is the foundation for every PathPlanner license. This module contains a library with more than 350 commercial aircraft types as well as standard design road vehicles, all with accurate dimensions and steering characteristics. It is easy to park an aircraft or vehicle, or simulate movement showing swept paths. Animation of the movement can be viewed directly in the CAD drawing.


    The PathPlanner Advanced module offers many additional features to assist in the design of airside infrastructure. The library is extended with ‘preliminary’ commercial aircraft, military aircraft, helicopters and typical airside vehicles such as aircraft movers, firefighting trucks, luggage trains and other ground service equipment.

    A follow function allows for easy tracing of taxiway centerlines and checking of lead-in markings. Jet blast impact, ICAO and FAA safety clearances, unique pushback features and nose-gear marking are just a few of the items that can be displayed. Combinations of compatible aircraft-mover and aircraft are readily available and complex maneuvers can be simulated.


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