Voice Communication Switching Systems for Air Traffic Control - ATC

SITTI is a world leader in designing, manufacturing and installing of control systems for air traffic control, with special emphasis on Voice Communication Switching Systems – VCS.

These are realized with the latest available and most advanced technological architecture, with full compliance to existing international standards, such as VOIP ED137 issued by EUROCAE.

SITTI is currently present in most countries in the world, with a large base of installed VCS systems and ancillary equipment and related services, both in the Civil and Military air traffic control fields.

SITTI products are mainly targeted to the Air Traffic Control (ATC) market, yet they are also largely utilized in public utility services and Strategic Emergency Services (SES), such as police, fire brigades, ambulance and control centres in general, including railways and harbours, wherever reliable integrated and secure communications are required, through fully configurable systems.

Company Profile

  • Voice Communication Switching Systems

    With more than 50 years experience in integrated management systems for radio and telephone communications, SITTI is one of the world’s primary system suppliers for civil, military, public and private agencies active in Air Traffic Control and other strategic services.

    Confirming the company’s solid leadership, constant monitoring of the recommendations of the international research and standards bodies, and commitment to technical and operating capabilities responding to user needs, MULTIFONO® is a fully digital Voice Communication Switching System (VCSS), characterized by highly modularity to interface any type of radio device and telephone line, for optimised communications in the all service environments.

    Fully fault-tolerant architecture, superior scalability and configurability, together with simple maintenance are the strength points of the MULTIFONO® products. They are the most efficient and technologically advanced solution to the technical, functional and reliability needs of communication management systems in strategic civil and military service operating environments.

    The key characteristics of the MULTIFONO® products are:

    • State of the art technology
    • Modularity and Sizing for installation in small Control Rooms or large Control Centres
    • Open architecture
    • Seamless expandability
    • Distributed and duplicated logic
    • No single point of failure
  • ED137 VOIP Gateways

    The extremely flexible architecture of SITTI M800IP® MULTIFO­NO® Voice Communication System (VCS) opens a wide range of applications in the field of the communications for ATM (Air Traffic Management). Among these, the possibility of connec­tion to devices, which are not VOIP-native; they are interfaced to the VOIP WAN/LAN by means of appropriate gateways that allow conversion of data and audio from standard or legacy protocols to EUROCAE ED137 VOIP (Voice Over IP) standard links.

    Telephone lines based on existing standards like MFC, QSIG, ISDN and others can be converted into standard ED137 connections by means of telephone gateways, just like radios. Furthermore, when radios are installed at a remote site, it is of utmost impor­tance to allow simultaneous access to them from different VCS systems (resource sharing).

    While standard-compliant remote VOIP radios and telephone connections can be directly interfaced to M800IP®, old fashioned ones (possibly coming from different vendors) mostly do not have any IP interface. The solution is SITTI gateways that take care of all required settings and possible legacy protocols, converting data and audio signals into EUROCAE ED137 standard VOIP.

  • Air Traffic Control Consoles

    The many decades of successful presence in the market of Voice Communication Systems confirms SITTI as one of the world primary system suppliers for civil, military, public and private agencies for both Air Traffic Control and strategic emergency services.

    The long experience accumulated in this field puts SITTI into the enviable position of being able to design and manufacture different models of consoles that are customised for specific uses, ranging from Control Towers to large Air Traffic Control centres, as well as emergency management Operative Rooms.

    The growth of air traffic over recent years has dramatically increased to workload for controllers that must be put in the best condition to properly cope with their tasks in the most comfortable way possible. In this perspective, an optimised synergy must be sought among high-level ergonomics, efficient and effective access to technology, environmental conditions.

    The daily use of consoles shall also put together:

    • Flexibility for incorporating controller’s needs
    • Integration for space optimisation
    • Friendliness for handy access to communication equipment
    • Ergonomy for daily continuous use
    • Materials for making the workplace as comfortable as possible
    • Health prevention for avoiding the user to be prone to diseases
  • Digital Clocks

    ATM services require a very precise clock reference in order to synchronize their activities. The need of having a common date and time reference is also a requirement for all emergency servi­ces, both civil and military.

    SITTI propose the DEC10 Digital Electronic Clock System to pro­vide global synchronisation. Thanks to its extremely high reliability, precision and con­figuration flexibility, DEC10 is the solution for all air traffic control systems.

    Many installation options are available, among which the possibility of inserting DEC10 modules into existing SITTI service drawers, or the use of an independent 1 unit high drawer that fits two modules acting in main/standby mode.

    This al­lows the Customer to easily add DEC10 devices to existing installations in stand-alone or re­dundant configuration.

    DEC10 modules can be easily fitted into ATM sy­stems, even if manufactured by third parties. All settings can be done via a dedicated serial line on the front panel or through a web browser via LAN.

    SITTI offer for time synchronisation is enriched by Display Slave Units (DSU) that are used to show the cur­rent date/time.

    Many different op­tions and sizes are available, ranging from ACC centres typical displays to ordinary analogue ones, from wall mounted to desk/console ones.

Company News


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Visit SITTI at the World ATM Congress 2018, Stand: 571

With almost 70 years of continuous presence in the ATC market, SITTI has extensive experience in the field of integrated radio and telephone communications. Continued research and development, together with close attention to changing requirements …


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