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Many Years of Experience in Passenger Evacuation and Announcement Solutions

Sittig Technologies GmbH was founded in 1987. We have continuously developed our knowledge and expertise starting with the programming of CNC precision machines up to today’s IP based Automatic Passenger Announcement Systems. Since then our customer base has increased accordingly. We are proud to have internationally known companies among them.

Sittig is a small size, highly specialized company with offices in Frankfurt and Munich, Germany. With projects in Switzerland, Luxemburg, Jordan and Saudi Arabia the company has proven international experience. Sittig has currently PA installations at the airports in Frankfurt, Munich, Jeddah, Stuttgart and Zurich.

The company’s main focus is hard and software for passenger evacuation and announcement solutions, especially IP based audio distribution. Our main markets aside from airports are railways, newspapers, governments etc. Main products and solutions are: Media Software, IP based Audio Hard and Software etc.

Company Profile

  • PAXGUIDE, Sittig's PA Solution

    PAXGUIDE, Sittig’s PA solution, transmits voice data over extended distances via ethernet, ethersound, cobranet or ATM using existing IP infrastructure and is running along with the automatic announcement system in airports, train stations etc. worldwide.

    The system’s main advantage is the integration into existing hardware infrastructure. Interfaces to all major PA brands and Sittig’s extensive expertise in this area enable smooth integration.

    PAX GUIDE System is Sittig’s Passenger Guide Public Address System especially designed and developed for international airports. The system includes:

    • Automatic Announcements (AAS),
    • Digital Gate Announcements (DGA),
    • Fire Announcements,
    • Time Controlled Announcements,
    • Background Music,
    • Personal Paging

    The system offers a range of functions to feed speech management systems with up-to-date flight information (AODB interface required) and allows it to announce automatically. The announcements are assembled (arranged) by pre-recorded text modules.

  • Automatic Announcement Software

    With this Software Solution it is possible to automatically handle announcements based on the information stored in the AODB database – thus making AODB information audible.

    These automatically generated announcements are displayed on the second monitor and can be used by the operator.

    Possible examples of announcements are: (requires necessary information in the AODB database)

    • First and Last Call for Departure
    • Arrival Call
    • Change of departure time (earlier or later)
    • Gate change
    • Delayed departure because of irregularity codes (weather, technical problems, etc.)

    Examples for possible announcements are described later in the document.

  • Digital Gate Announcements (DGA)

    Digital gate announcements (DGA) can be triggered by the ground staff at the gate during the boarding process of an aircraft. The gate announcements can be transmitted to any location but is generally directed into the zone of the associated gate itself. However, it is also possible to provide global missing PAX calls right from the gate.

    Since the DGA software is a pure web application it can be run in a web browser (IE 7.0 or higher) on the gate pc (CUPPS). Hence a software installation is not necessary on the site. DGA is successfully running in the Frankfurt International Airport and the Zürich Airport.

    Manual gate announcements are still possible.

    DGA is a helpful partner for the ground staff to automate the standard boarding announcements in a high, consistent and understandable quality. Consequently, the ground personnel have more time to concentrate on the passengers, while DGA automatically takes care of the boarding calls.

  • IP Paging Stations:

    Our PAXmodular Paging Stations are designed for manual announcements and can be directly connected to the network infrastructure of the airport.

    • It does not require any additional wiring.
    • Transfer of audio and signalization is realized over IP.
    • Redundancy can be provided by operating through 2 separate servers.
    • Additionally, regular phone lines can be used as backup.
    • The configuration of the Paging Station is web based.
    • Buttons can be customized


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