Switzerland's Air Navigation Service Provider

Nothing moves in Switzerland’s airspace without the approval of skyguide, the country’s air navigation service provider. Skyguide is commissioned by the Swiss government to manage and monitor all air traffic in the country’s airspace – some of the busiest and most complex in Europe – and ensure safe flight operations. Since 2001, skyguide’s mandate has covered both civil and military air traffic, a pioneering achievement in Europe’s aviation world.

Company Profile

  • Mission

    Skyguide swiss air navigation services ltd is Europe’s specialist in providing air navigation services for busy and complex airspace areas. Skyguide operates in the public interest and on behalf of the Swiss Confederation to ensure the safe, smooth and economic monitoring and management of air traffic in Switzerland’s airspace and in adjacent airspace areas in neighbouring countries that are delegated to its control. Its mandate (under Article 40 of the Federal Aviation Act and Article 2 of the Federal Ordinance on Air Navigation Services) extends to civil and military air traffic control, aeronautical information and telecommunication services, and the technical services required to install, operate and maintain the company’s air navigation systems.

    The skyguide vision

    Skyguide aims to position itself as a highly reliable and successful civil and military air navigation services provider, to ensure that it is perceived as such in Switzerland and is an attractive cooperation partner at the European level. As a High Reliability Organisation (HRO), skyguide aspires to achieve and maintain the highest reliability in its activities and continues to develop its ability to respond adequately and effectively to any unexpected incidents or threats.

  • Air Traffic Management Solutions made in Switzerland

    The growth traditionally associated with the air transport sector has recently come up against increasing uncertainties among the world’s economies. As a result, today’s aviation sector must be able and willing to operate in an external environment that is becoming progressively more complex and unsure.

    Skyguide, Switzerland’s air navigation service provider, specialises in offering simple but sound solutions for both military and civil customers. With its broad technological and cultural background and its extensive experience in operational, technical and organisational projects, skyguide is the ideal partner for providing reliable air navigation services.

    Safety is skyguide’s prime priority and paramount concern. The company’s safety culture and its safety management system, which is certificated to European standards, are the foundation on which all of its services are provided.

  • There would be no modern aviation without ATC

    Air traffic is increasing rapidly and is becoming ever denser. Air traffic control (ATC) manages and administers the airspace so that air traffic runs safely, smoothly and efficiently worldwide and right around the clock.

    Modern aeronautical is based upon reliable and efficient air traffic control. It guarantees air traffic, optimises traffic flow and administers large areas of airspace.

    Air traffic control is a highly specialised field of expertise. It deploys the latest technologies and uses the latest techniques. Air traffic control specialists such as skyguide possess the necessary infrastructure and expertise. They work worldwide with other providers and specialists as well as closely together in international organisations.

  • Training at skyguide

    Paid and flexible training, the most up-to-date infrastructure and small classes: The skyguide training center (STC) will train you to be an Air Traffic Controller  or Air Navigation Services Employee. Get further information on the training program and send us your application.

    About the skyguide training center (STC):

    The company’s own skyguide training center in Dübendorf is one of the most modern training centres for air traffic control functions in Europe. We use the most progressive training methods, including e-learning and the Learning Management System, and simulators, most notably 360° 3-D tower simulators. All instructors possess many years of international practical and teaching experience. The teaching language is English. The STC is accredited by the Confederation as an advanced specialist training institution and is participating in the ERASMUS programm.


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