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Snowbird Ltd. pioneered the industry’s first tablet-based runway reporting system.

The Snowbird story starts in tech hub of Waterloo, Canada in the year 2012 – when management of the Region of Waterloo International Airport needed a more modern, safe, and efficient way to submit runway reports to the Canadian ANSP (Air Navigation Service Provider) NAV Canada.

Snowbird’s engineers worked closely with Waterloo and other Canadian airports – who have shovel-loads of experience with inclement weather – to develop a user-friendly and safe runway surface condition reporting system for airports large and small.

Since then, we have worked to improve runway reporting for many other Canadian airports and – with the advent of ICAO’s Global Reporting Format (GRF) for runway reporting – airports around the world.

Our runway reporting software is already compatible with the global reporting format (GRF) that takes effect in November, 2021. To ensure GRF compliance, all you need is Snowbird and a tablet device!

As a courtesy to airports worldwide, we have recently published a free online Global Reporting Format RWYCC Calculator for educational purposes.

Our interest and expertise lies at the intersection of software and aviation, using our skills to make aviation safer for all. We believe in the ability of quality software to reduce errors, improve efficiency, and educate users. In addition, good software should be user-friendly, affordable, and get out of the user’s way.

In addition to our flagship product (Snowbird Runway Reporter GRF), we also offer bespoke software solutions development for the aviation market. We specialize in web and tabled-based application development tailored to airport operational needs. With our in-depth knowledge of the aviation industry and expert knowledge of technological possibilities, we have a unique offering for aviation customers. If your airport has needs that can’t be effectively solved by what the market currently provides, you are unsatisfied with a current system, have some process improvements in mind, or simply wish to go paperless with a particular process, we can help.

Contact us for more information or request a free demo of Snowbird GRF Runway Reporting System to see if Snowbird meets your airport’s needs.


Snowbird GRF Runway Reporting Software

Snowbird GRF Runway Reporting Software is tablet-based application for reporting runway conditions from the field. It is fully-compatible with ICAO’s Global Reporting Format (GRF), enabling user-friendly and compliant entry of reports. Snowbird generates valid SNOWTAMs and …


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