Soehnle Industrial Solutions GmbH

Weighing Technology for Baggage and Cargo

Soehnle Industrial Solutions GmbH is a manufacturer of weighing systems & Weighing Technology for Baggage and Cargo with a company history extending more than 145 years.

Our Weighing Technology for Baggage and Cargo check-in scales and cargo scales are used in airports around the world in over 30 countries.

When you choose scales from Soehnle Industrial Solutions GmbH, you choose a reliable and proven product that is perfectly adapted to the requirements of the air travel industry.

The company is headquartered in Germany.

Company Profile

  • Baggage Scales for Check-In

    Soehnle Industrial Solutions Baggage Scales are reliable and user-friendly weighing devices designed for practical use in the check-in area. The modular layout of the central unit, displays and keyboard ensures flexible positioning to suit the customer´s preferences.

    Display and keyboard are compactly designed and are located on separate circuit boards, so that both modules can be ergonomically adjusted for optimum results. Operator and passenger benefit from brilliant high contrast back-lit LCD displays.

    All items are connected with plug connections. Customers may choose among keyboards with 4 or 8 keys or can use existing keyboards. Operating procedure may be customised according to customer´s request.

    The weighing bridges offer ultra flat design and are constructed exactly fitting to the designated check-in conveyors.

    The central unit offers serial interface and I/O-module option for integration into advanced Baggage Handling Systems.

  • Bulky Luggage Scales

    Available any size for static weighing with stainless steel hood or with rollers or prepared for fitting of motorised conveyors.

    Cargo Scales

    Fully electronic floor scales in sturdy steel tube construction, several standard sizes as well as customized dimensions, suitable for installation flush in the floor or as free standing unit.

    Weighing frames for roller decks or load cell modules for frames or devices provided by the customer are also available.

  • Dynamic Conveyor Weighing System

    Efficient work flow is guaranteed when goods are weighed in motion with a Soehnle Industrial Solutions Dynamic Conveyor Weighing System.

    The system can be integrated into existing conveyor systems. Flexible integration capability and network interfacing via different bus ports, serial interface or I/O-port.

    Mobile Scales

    Need to weigh dollies, baggage carts, transport vehicles in the hangar, on the airfield, at the plane for tail to tail loading? Mobile scales with two or four load plates may solve the problem.

    Volume Scanning

    Active optical laser system for dimensional scanning and automatic detection of object volumes.

    May be combined with weighing appliance, identification device and a data concentrator to supply complete shipment data.

  • Customer Support and Field Service

    Our service department is available worldwide to provide support for assembly and maintenance.

    Soehnle Industrial Solutions GmbH Product Range

    Soehnle Industrial Solutions GmbH offers weighing solutions for trade, commerce, industry, medical systems as well as system solutions and special developments.

    The company develops and manufactures weighing platforms and indicators with her own specialized staff and with specialist partners around the world.

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Baggage Check In Scale

Soehnle 3015 - the most used luggage scale in the check-in counters at major German airports. Specially developed for the requirements of airports and passengers. Fully modular design, the weighing system is separated into individual modules: 1 …


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