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Solar and Portable Lighting Solutions for Airfields

S4GA designs, manufactures and distributes certified solar and portable airfield lighting all over the World. Our manufacturing and R&D facilities are located in Poland.

Our customers value our product because it provides them with access to reliable infrastructure for locations where traditional lighting is not suitable: African Desert, Caribbean Islands or Jungles of Brazil. We supply them with reliable off-grid lighting for runways, helipads and obstruction marking. S4GA lighting increases safety, saves money on maintenance and helps to make money due to increased operations.

S4GA offers two lines of autonomous lighting:

  • Solar airfield lighting systems powered by solar energy which is widely used for both fixed/temporary runways, taxiways, helipads and obstruction marking
  • Portable airfield lighting used as a temporary solution for occasional night operations as well as temporary lighting during repair of the main AGL on airfields

Our products are certified and compliant with ICAO, Annex 14 and FAA requirements. Photometrical and chromaticity tests have been performed by third-party accredited laboratory.

S4GA project portfolio includes an entire range of aviation applications utilized by both civil and military customers in Europe, Africa and Asia. To find out more about S4GA projects and references please click here.

S4GA distributes its airfield lighting globally. This is why it is important for us to be close to our customers from all over the Globe. To achieve that, we participate in the most important airport infrastructure events in the world. To find out more please click here.

Company Profile

  • Solar Airfield Ground Lighting

    Solar Airfield Ground Lighting (Solar AGL) is a complete intelligent lighting system which consists of lighting units and control & monitoring system. All the elements of Solar AGL are connected wirelessly. Lighting units have in-built batteries powered by solar energy.

    This is an out-of-the-box solution that is used today as primary, emergency and temporary system by both airports and helipads all over the World.

    Typical solar lighting system consists of:

    • Intelligent SP-401 lighting units
    • 20W solar panels for each SP-401
    • Frangible mounting for concrete/asphalt or grass/ground surface
    • Control & Monitoring Unit offering remote control & monitoring of the entire system
    • Computer interface offering the most precise system monitoring
    • Charging stations capable of charging up to ten SP-401 units simultaneously

    Why Solar AGL is better than wired lighting?

    Solar AGL is designed as a real alternative for conventional (wired/MAINS) systems which requires 3-5x less investment:

    • it requires no CCRs, no cables, no transformers
    • there is no need in AGL design, ground works and hiring electrical specialists with special skills to install the system
    • It can be deployed 4x faster
    • The system can be easily demounted and stored in hangar when it is not in operation

    Why is S4GA Solar AGL better than solar airfield lights already available on the market?

    S4GA aviation lights outperform solar-powered navaids available on the market. Unlike typical solar airfield lighting, S4GA lights are installed by airports as a primary (fixed) – not temporary – airfield ground lighting.

    • In-built battery can be energized in three different ways: via solar panel, electrical installation or charging station. To achieve highest level of redundancy SP-401 can be energized via solar panel and cable simultaneously
    • Solar panels are installed independently from the lighting unit. This unique feature allows to maximize solar energy collection
    • It has the most powerful optics in its class which means safe approach for pilots
    • Convertible optical head, ultrasound to scare animals and other additional features that our competitors do not have. To find out more about additional features please click here.
  • Customers select Solar AGL because

    High reliability and safety

    • It is ICAO compliant
    • Every lighting unit is operating independently which means that system will continue to operate regardless of any unit failure
    • Control of the lighting units is performed wirelessly (via secured radio network) – therefore unlike with cabled AGL, electrical failure will not result loss of control over the system

    Zero operating cost & low maintenance

    • Lower investment and simple maintenance due to lack of complex electrical circuit
    • Solar AGL can operate 100% independently of electricity supply – which translates into close to zero operating cost

    Individual light monitoring

    • Wireless control & monitoring functions
    • Remote system activation from the air / ground via air-band radio or mobile phone
    • In case of low battery or failure of any lighting unit system will automatically send alarm sms
    • Individual monitoring of each lighting unit as well as group of lights

    To find out more about S4GA ALCMS please click here

  • Solar airfield lighting is most frequently used as

    • Fixed/temporary runway lighting
    • Emergency runway lighting
    • Taxiway lighting
    • Helipad lighting
    • Obstruction lighting

    To find out more about solar airfield lighting please click here

    Visit our FAQ section for more information – click here

    To download Solar AGL technical specification please click here

  • Portable Airfield Lighting – the simple way to secure occasional night operations

    S4GA introduces the Portable Airfield Lighting Kit (PALK) for runways and helipads. PALK is designed to illuminate runways, taxiways, helipads and obstructions. It is ideal for emergency, military and obstruction applications.

    The product itself is reliable and complies with ICAO Annex 14 and FAA technical requirements. This autonomous and certified lighting is designed to start night operations practically anywhere.

    The basic element of PALK is the rigid SP-102 lighting unit. The kit includes:

    • Six SP-102 units
    • Six mounting stakes for concrete/grass surface
    • OCT-102 charging station
    • Bespoke case with shock-absorbent foam
  • SP-102 Airfield Lights - Key Features

    • 10 km visibility range
    • Supports Visual & NVG operations
    • Adjustable intensity level: low/medium/high intensity
    • Multiple operating modes: steady, flashing, automatic dusk-till-down, NVG only, NVG+Visible LED
    • Multiple charging options: via OCT-102 charging station (8 hrs), cable or solar panel (12 hrs)
    • Quick & Easy Deployment
    • Non-corrosive aluminum body
    • IP-65 waterproof rating
    • User-replaceable battery
    • Interchangeable optical head

    For 100% autonomy SP-102 unit can be additionally equipped with independently installed 5W solar panel. For more information please click here.

    To find out more about portable airfield lighting please click here

    To download technical specifications please click here

  • Solar obstruction lighting equipped with GSM monitoring

    Our simple cable-free obstruction lights were designed to deliver unique combination of remote monitoring, solar autonomy and long service life based on highest industry standards.

    Due to its mobility obstruction unit may be used in various applications like typical obstruction lighting, hazard marking and barricade lighting.

    Built-in self-diagnostics, integrated with optional sms warning system report about potential critical situation (e.g. low battery level, unauthorized unit deactivation, etc.)

    Potential applications of Obstruction unit:

    • Tower, antenna mast, wind turbine marking
    • Construction site and barricade lighting
    • Hazard marking

Company News

  • S4GA to deliver runway lights to Seychelles

    Seychelles airport company operating more than 10 local airfields in the region, chosen S4GA to illuminate its runways with new LED runway lighting system. 100 REMOTE ISLANDS OPEN FOR TOURISTS Seychelles is currently one of the most …
  • S4GA registered in NSPA NATO Suppliers List

    S4GA has been registered in the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) under NCAGE number 99LKH. Polish Military has confirmed S4GA eligibility to participate in tenders provided by NSPA. About NSPA The NSPA is the executive body of …
  • S4GA helps to Protect Korean Forests from Disasters

    S4GA has recently delivered Portable Helipad Lighting Kit to Korea to help local government in protection national forests from natural disasters and distress. Protecting Korean Forests Korea Forest Service is a government-owned company that protects Korea’s forest resources from …
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