Solar Airport Lighting

S4GA is a state-owned airport lighting company that designs, manufactures and distributes World’s Safest Runway Lighting for civil and military customers worldwide. We offer complete airfield lighting solutions for airports and helipads. Our airfield lights are certified by Intertek in compliance with ICAO Annex 14.

For regional and domestic airports, as well as international non-precision airports, we offer permanent solar runway lighting that operates 365 days on solar energy and has 5-level protection against system failure.

For temporary runways, remote military air bases and humanitarian missions, we offer portable airfield lighting trailer. S4GA Trailer is designed to operate in extreme conditions. It includes full set of airfield lights to illuminate u2.500 m runway in accordance with international aviation regulations.

For airport construction, we offer certified temporary airport lighting – battery-powered runway lights, threshold lights, taxiway lights, and obstruction lights. S4GA portable lights are equipped with mountings for different surfaces.

For helipads, we offer portable helipad lights. S4GA helipad lighting kit includes temporary landing zone lights, charger and mountings stored in transportable mobile shock-absorbent cases.

Company Profile

  • Solar Airfield Ground Lighting

    S4GA solar runway lighting is designed for permanent usage at regional airports, domestics airports, and non-precision international airports. It is a complete airfield ground lighting system that operates 365 days on solar energy and does not require any power sources except sun. No cables, no CCRs, no transformers required for installation of S4GA solar AGL which highly decreases time and cost of installation.

    Our solar airport lighting has 5-level protection against system failure:

    • Level 1: Distributed power source
    • Level 2: Backup power source
    • Level 3: Power independent from control
    • Level 4: Individual light monitoring
    • Level 5: Control system backup

    These 5 levels secure S4GA solar AGL from critical malfunctions common for traditional hard-wired runway lighting systems. Learn more at our website

  • Portable Airfield Lighting Trailer

    S4GA Airfield Lighting Trailer is a heavy duty trailer designed to operate in the most extreme conditions. Whenever it comes to quickly illuminate temporary runway or military air base in accordance with aviation regulations – S4GA Trailer is the best solution.

    S4GA Trailer accommodates up to 132 x portable battery-powered and remotely controlled airfield lights. Portable PAPI, power banks for PAPI and diesel generators are also included in the Trailer. In this case, trailer capacity is 86 x lights and 2 x full PAPI systems.

    The Trailer is equipped with contactless charging system which allows to charge all lights simultaneously in the Trailer. Simple drop in and drop out of the lights instead of connecting each light to cable saves a lot of time on charging process.

    Automatic light failure reporting via SMS allows airport personnel immediately know what lights have low battery level and what lights does not work. This feature is provided by UR-201 Control & Monitoring Unit built in a Trailer.

    S4GA portable airfield lights are activated remotely via Handheld Controller. Light intensity, operating mode, grouping of lights is available via Handheld Controller. Additionally, S4GA lighting system can be controlled from the Trailer (via UR-201 Unit), from the air (air-band radio), from airport tower (ALCMS – Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring System) or even cell phone. Finally, every lighting unit is equipped with emergency on/off button allowing to activate and deactivate AGL manually.

  • Temporary Airport Lighting

    For airport construction works and temporary airfields, S4GA offers certified portable airport lighting. Temporary runway lights offered by S4GA are battery-powered airfield lights applicable for different surfaces: asphalt, ground, grass. The lights are equipped with user-replaceable standard type batteries and replaceable high-efficient LED optics.

    All portable lights provide correct light output in terms of photometry and chromaticity. We use special LED optics that does not bling the pilot but provides maximum visibility in certain angles. S4GA portable runway lights are visible from 10 km distance.

  • Helipad Lighting

    S4GA Portable helipad lighting kit includes complete set of landing zone lights with accessories stored in protective mobile cases. S4GA portable TLOF and FATO heliport lights are used today by police, military, HEMS and rescue services, and private helicopter operators.

    Portable helipad lights are NVG-compatible and work in different operating modes. For 100% autonomy, S4GA helipad lights can be equipped with solar panels. In this case, portable helipad light is converted to self-contained solar helipad light and can be used for semi-permanent landing zones.


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