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When you require professional airfield rotary mowing equipment for the maintenance of green areas or the management of vegetation you should look no further than Spearhead.

Spearhead Machinery Ltd is Europe’s leading manufacturer of large area rotary mowers and tractor mounted vegetation control technology.

Spearhead’s extensive product range has developed through years of innovation within the mowing and mulching sector, leading to unparalleled experience that ensures the most comprehensive and capable products are delivered for your application.

Traditional and core business is centred around the maintenance of green areas with a full range of reach, flail and rotary mowers within the product offering providing viable solutions for the aviation ground care professional.

Airfield mowing is a seasonal daily requirement for all airports which is why Spearhead remains focused on providing the global aviation sector with mowing solutions, extending and growing the product range to deliver as your true ‘Green Area Maintenance Specialist’.

Company Profile

  • Multicut Rotary Mowers

    Three models of rotary cutters producing working widths of 4.6, 6.2 and 8.2m. The working speed can be up to 17km, allowing for a cutting capacity of over 8 ha/h. All models fold hydraulically and are designed to be moved from the transport position to working position in a few seconds.

    The 460 has three rotors and the 620 and 820 have five rotors, each machine has three blades per rotor giving 12 and 15 blades respectively. All machines use heavy duty boron steel blades weighing 7kg each and have been designed with high lift fins to create extra suction to allow clean cutting and the removal of tractor wheel marks.

    All toppers have a blade tip speed of 89m/s and an overlap of 150mm to ensure a clean cut even in the heaviest of growths. The blades are secured and protected by anti-scalp discs. Rear lights are fitted as standard.

    The toppers use a heavy duty drive line with a PTO input of 1000rpm and all gear boxes are protected by slip clutches. Other common features found on all machines are deck protection rings, safety chains, parallel lift with the added feature of a mechanical lift float during work and the cut height ranges from 25mm – 400mm.

  • Trident 6000 Flail Mowers

    The Trident 6000 flail mower is a specialist out front airfield mower with a working width of 6m. The machine is designed to work in conjunction with a grass collection unit for mowing in close proximity to the runway. The machine folds hydraulically to transport position.

    Featuring 3 decks each with 70 fine cut flails arranged in Spearhead’s innovative double spiral rotor for an exemplary mulch and finish.

    The machine is designed for efficiency and output with high speed rotors turning at 2200rpm to improve forward speed and reduce tractor fuel consumption.

  • Twiga Reach Mowers

    Spearhead boasts an extensive range of reach mowers allowing for management of all long reach mowing requirements. Featuring seven ranges with reaches from 3.2m to 8.9m there is a machine for all situations.

    The Twiga Compact series specified with a 0.9m flailhead and tractor matched to a smaller amenity tractors. Twiga Compact series is specified with a potent 35hp hydraulic system that provides exceptional output.

    The Twiga Mid series is the entry level commercial unit with a host of reach and control options and delivered standard with a 1.2m flailhead.

    High output operators may consider machines from the Twiga Pro, Twiga Flex and Twiga Orbital series.

    The Twiga Pro series is for the most professional user and is available with a comprehensive host of attachment, control and arm options.

    The Twiga Orbital series has the flexibility of cutting both sides of the machine with its innovative 180 degree slew. This enables the operator to mow both sides of the tractor cab, with switching possible even on the move.

    The Twiga Flex features an arm-set that can be shifted through 140 degrees allowing the operator ultimate visibility in their most favored setting. This is coupled with the visionary ‘rotorflex’ head rotation system with a 70cm offset slew pivot allows the arm to be bought alongside the tractor.

  • Twiga SPV

    The Twiga SPV series is the professionals choice in every application delivering ultimate versatility and distinctive quality. With a unique selection of 9 different arm sets with reaches from 8.3m to 17m, optional engine horsepowers, selectable steering configurations and a host of attachments, the Twiga SPV Range is delivered to meet your every demand.

    The Twiga SPV2 Series has seven different armset options with a choice of reaches from 8.3m to 12m. They also come standard with a 90 degree cab rotation from transport to work position to ensure the best possible visibility for the user. The heavy duty 1.2m flailhead comes with a 180 degree head rotation to allow for bi-directional cutting.

    The Twiga SPV3 Series is specified with a choice of 9.5 metre standard or 17 metre standard triple telescopic arm set. Coming standard with 360 degree cab rotation allows cutting in every position and the compact folding of the arm set maintains a perfect balance for highway transfers. An independent 180 degree head rotation is also included to allow work in both directions meaning that output is effectively doubled.


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