Special Mobility

Multifunctional & Self Propelled Transport Wheelchairs for Airport PRM

Special Mobility are a leading provider of Multifunctional & Self Propelled Transport Wheelchairs for Airport PRM (Passengers with Reduced Mobility) systems for the airport sector.

The Mobby is a Multifunctional & Self Propelled Transport Wheelchair for Airport PRM specifically designed to be strong, cost effective and low maintenance.

Available in a variety of colours and options including: Luggage racks, automatic seatbelts, and nameplates, it is the best system for all your prm needs.

Company Profile

  • Mobby The Multifunctional Transport Wheelchair

    The transport wheelchair Mobby is strong, rigid and has low maintenance. The wheelchair can be equipped with a number of different options that can be screwed to the wheelchair at any time. The empty Mobby’s can be transported in a row. Because the weight of 35 kilo and the fact that the Mobby is rigid, the wheelchair is hard to steel. Optional is the anti-theft pole and the possibility to implement track & trace!

    Mobby technical specifications

    • Safety brake (brake is on when the braking handle is not used / loose)
    • Stable swing-up footplate, can not be taken off from the wheelchair and the wheelchair does not tip forward when you stand on the footplate
    • Weight: 35 kilogram
    • 150 kilogram load capacity
    • Arm rest swing-up, can not be taken from the wheelchair
    • Anti-theft, low maintenance, high quality and strong
    • Double coating, non coated parts are made from stainless steel
    • Puncture proof tires
    • Upper frame standard colors:
    • Yellow
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Bottom frame is grey / metallic
    • Seat & Back is black with structure (anti-slip)
    • Footplate is black with structure (anti-slip)
    • All additional options can be ordered separately and fixed later if you wish.
    • Options are screwed to the frame
    • Mobby’s are stackable even with the options
  • Mobby Options

    • Pole with 4 hooks
    • Anti-theft pole, with flag
    • Baghook
    • Keylock, fix the brake
    • Panel for advertisement (set left & right)
    • Luggage rack
    • Clip to loosen the brake
    • Automatic seatbelt with lock
    • Coin lock with holder
    • Oxygen bottle holder Ø 120mm swing-up
    • Nameplate / Logo
    • Crutch holder
    • Leg rest left & right foldable
    • Spoked wheels with side guards left and right
    • Padded seat and back
    • Mobby parking
  • e-Mobby

    Airport Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM) have the right to Freedom of Movement.
    Special Mobility has developed a self propelling e-Mobby that can be connected to our other Mobby’s. This means that you can take 2 passengers in one movement, the professional can ride behind on a tray. Also this patented locking system makes it possible to collect empty Mobby’s and move them in a row.
    Time & cost saving!!!

    Powered transport wheelchair e-Mobby is available with or without tray.

    • PG electronic
    • 90A/12V batteries (2x)
    • Charger and controller battery box
    • Wiring is into the frame, no loose wires
  • e-Mobby Heavy Duty Without Tray


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