Stage Gate 11 B.V.

Suppliers of Security Solutions for Airports and Logistic Hubs

Stage Gate 11 B.V. is a Dutch deeptech company developing security concepts in the airport security and logistic domain. With their multidisciplinary team and extensive network SG11 is prone to solve bottlenecks in the security work field. The SG11 approach is to bring the dynamics of technology, challenges, and market characteristics together. Besides security capabilities, their solutions also embrace business aspects as well. Adding value for all users and stakeholders forms the basis of their solutions. This holistic approach is called: Best 4 Business.

Our activities include:

  • Inhouse development New innovative solutions based on our own two technologies Delta R and Echo X
  • Development with technology partners Finding the right technology partner and develop a value proposition for validated security challenges in the market
  • Business development for innovative products Serving our customer base with innovative solution from partners using cross industry opportunities.

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Company Profile


The dedicated individuals of our SG11 team have worked in the security and technology domain for many years as consultants, developers and entrepreneurs. The management team consists of industry expert Gunther van Adrichem, technological expert Rob Satink and two business builders; Wil Ruijsbroek and Michiel Poppink. Gunther used to manage the R&D security division of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Delta R

With the help of light reflection we detect illicit traces. That explains the name, we look at the different (Delta) of the reflection (R ) upon a surface. Our software calculates the difference in wavelength between two images and determines whether the detected substance is illicit or not. 

More on the Delta R technology

Echo X

The Echo X technology encompasses a Through Barrier Analysis at a specific point by means of X-ray imagery. An ideal technology for HBS, where bags can be scanned more efficiently without interference of man, and by means of intelligent software, resolve alarms.

More on Echo X and its applications

Best 4 Business

At SG11, developing new security concepts is in our veins. Our vision on future proof security concepts is that, besides security capabilities, solutions should also embrace business aspects as well. This means that with all concepts we focus on security capabilities as well as lane throughput, enabling a positive business case and optimized passenger experience. Adding value for all users and stakeholders forms the basis for our solutions. This holistic approach is our: Best for Business. It connects to our vision on airport security in the near future.


Delta R Shoe Scanner AR

Alarm resolution on shoes disrupts passengers flow dramatically Alarms, raised on shoes need to be resolved. Today, this means taking of the shoes for an X-ray inspection or an ETD-procedure. Both concepts of operations are time …

Delta R Optical ETD

Next generation trace detection optimised for small items The Delta R O-ETD is the next generation Explosive Trace Detection solution. It operates based on known ETD procedures. By using our patented Delta R technology, the OTD …

Echo X

Hold Baggage Systems are inflexible and difficult to scale Legislation forces airports to act and STD3 is now prohibited for primary screening in the HBS process, leaving an open spot for automated alarm resolution. The result …

Company News

Using spectroscopy to find trace amounts of materials

What encompasses the Delta R technology? Where did it start? And how could it benefit you? In this insight Rob Satink will elaborate, and give you insight in our core technology: Delta R. Back in 2016, …


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