Heavy-Duty Vehicle Lifts for GSE Maintenance

The Stertil Group provides customised heavy-duty vehicle lifts and technically advanced solutions for heavy-duty lifting requirements and loading bay equipment for customers worldwide, including the best possible service from skilled local partners.

These superior solutions are conceived, developed and implemented by a team of professional specialists with unique expertise. Thanks to its quality people, its entirely in-house expertise and its international organisation, Stertil-Koni is the worldwide leader in the field of heavy-duty lifts. Thousands of craftsmen in garages and workshops have trusted Stertil-Koni lifting systems since 1947. During these years the number of users at home and abroad has grown continually.

Fast, efficient and reliable, Stertil-Koni mobile column vehicle lifts really are very easy to move around with the synthetic wheels and hydraulic pallet truck mechanism with the patented overload protection.

Less workshop floor damage due to the Stertil-Koni retractable wheels which prevent high point loading reducing the surface pressure by a factor 10. EXTREMELY Heavy Duty Lifting. The total lifting capacity is variable by linking multiple lifting columns together. A maximum of 32 columns can be linked in a single configuration.The innovative synthetic runner wheels within the column come with a lifetime parts guarantee and the required certifications; ANSI/ALI-ALCTV certified (USA), CSA certified (Canada), CE Certified (EU).

Company Profile

  • Mobile Column Vehicle Lifts

    Stertil-Koni Mobile Column Lifts offer total ease of operation and can be moved around the workshop as required without taking up valuable working space. Available in a wide range of capacitites up to 32 mobile column vehicle lifts can be connected in in one set and fully synchronised. With the unique Stertil-Koni touch screen control called the ebright Smart Control System, each lift has a full colour 7″ touch screen. A cabled version is also available if required and is powered by a Stertil-Koni Superior Control System.

    Stertil-Koni mobile column vehicle lifts really are ‘mobile’ and very easy to move around with the synthetic wheels and hydraulic pallet truck mechanism with the patented overload protection.

    Less workshop floor damage due to the Stertil-Koni retractable wheels which prevent high point loading reducing the surface pressure by a factor 10.

  • Platform Lift - SKYLIFT

    The Stertil-Koni platform SKYLIFT construction offers freedom of movement for the mechanic under the platform; ease of operation with a compact control box and self-diagnostics system; increased safety and independent mechanical locking with raising only 90mm from floor level and a built-in overload mechanism. The SKYLIFT can be extended with a special synchronisation set between the two lifts, this allows up to 30 metres with a lifting capacity of 70t.

    No overhang, no crossbeams, no base frame and four independent support legs; providing optimal working space for the mechanic in and around the lift and leaving more workspace over.

    The Stertil-Koni platform lift has an innovative Y-shaped construction which makes it both robust and at the same time stream-lined for optimum space-saving. The clever patented design means that the supporting base plates effectively divert the forces and this with a light-weight construction.

    The SKYLIFT platform lift is available in a variety of models suitable for not only a wide range of vehicles but also for a wide range of workshop situations.

  • In-Ground Lifts

    Stertil Koni offers a wide range of heavy-duty in-ground lifts. With the Stertil-Koni heavy duty hydraulic in-ground lifts wheel-free maintenance is safe.

    Both models feature a free-standing, above ground control console. The hydraulic power units as well as the electronic controls are easily accessed for operation, maintenance and service. All components are housed in this unit and protected against moisture and dirt.

  • 2-Post Lifts - FREEDOMLIFT

    Due to its unrivalled flexibility, the 2-Post FREEDOMLIFT provides a superior solution for lifting a wide variety of vehicles from commercial vans to small heavy duty vehicles. The concept of the FREEDOMLIFT is ingenious and simple. The telescopic support arms allow the two post lift to easily and quickly be adjusted.

    Maximum flexibility is provided by FREEDOMLIFT models with double telescopic arms.

    The FREEDOMLIFT’s modern design has resulted in a very stable 2-post lift with a baseless construction and an absence of any rigid overhead cross-bar. This means that the FREEDOMLIFT can be fitted in almost any workshop. The mechanic has unhindered, optimal access to the raised vehicle.

    Different arm configurations can be chosen for various widths between the columns as well as a wide range adapters are available providing versatility when working on different vehicles.

    The FREEDOMLIFT range consists of three models with capacities from 5.5 tons to 9 tons. Various arm configurations are possible.

  • 4-Post Vehicle Lifts

    The 4-Post Stertil-Koni platform lifts are designed with ultra-low drive-on height suitable for various vehicle types suitable for low-clearance vehicles. Optimum working comfort and ergonomics the Stertil-Koni 4-Post lifts rise vertically without overhang providing ample working space for the mechanic.

    Convenient installation for existing workshop situations or new, the various 4-Post lifts can be installed either flush or surface mounted.


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