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STI Security Training International GmbH is a successful middle-sized company with its head office in Wiesbaden, Germany, specialising in Aviation Security Web Based Training

The company, with offices in Wiesbaden, Weeze, Frankfurt-Hahn, Dortmund and Paderborn and branch offices in Dubai and Melbourne, is now active in more than 70 countries. More than 400 highly motivated employees are committed to ensuring long-lasting first class services around the topic of security.

STI’s diverse product portfolio provides customized classroom seminars and innovative online training courses in the field of secure supply chain via the online training system NEOS.

Furthermore, STI GmbH is the German market leader for screening staff training in the area of aviation security in accordance with section 5, 8 and 9 of the Aviation Security Act. The company’s own training software OTS premium and OTS online are among the world’s leading products in the field of X-ray image interpretation. This training software is used by authorities, airport operators, airlines and in judicial authorities and the industry worldwide.

STI’s range is completed by consulting services on all relevant security topics, the implementation of passenger screening at the airports mentioned above, as well as air cargo inspections that are carried out in several company-owned air cargo control centers.

Company Profile

  • OTS - software for training

    More security thanks to a modern software training solution

    The company’s own training software OTS (Operator Training System) is one of the world’s leading products in the field of X-ray image interpretation and is implemented in the fields of aviation, industry and critical infrastructure to efficiently train staff.

    The product line OTS premium, successfully established worldwide, is available as CBT (Computer Based Training). It is available both as a single-user and as a multi-user configuration, with a wide range of X-ray simulators and tutorials.

    The newly developed product line OTS online, which is available as WBT (Web Based Training), provides access to the features of the training software via the Internet and has been specially designed to enable X-ray image interpretation training to be carried out whenever and wherever convenient for the user.

    Available Modules (OTS premium – CBT)

    • CBS primary 2.0 (initial training)
    • CBS tutor 1.0 (recurrent training)
    • HBS Multi View 1.0 (initial & recurrent training)
    • Air Cargo 1.0 (initial & recurrent training)
    • Staff and Goods Control 1.0 (initial & recurrent training)

    Available Modules (OTS online – WBT)

    • OTS online – CBS 1.0 (cabin baggage screening)
    • OTS online – HBS 1.0 (hold baggage screening)
    • OTS online – Staff and Goods Screening 1.0
    • OTS online – Air Cargo Screening 1.0
    • OTS online – Mail Screening 1.0

    STI – Your Partner For Security Training!

    Aviation Security Web Based Training
  • Be on the safe side - use our OTS training software!

    E-Learning is in the area of X-ray image evaluation a crucial element to most efficiently increase the detection ability of Operators and Screeners at airports, at industrial complexes or with the critical infrastructure thus increasing the overall security.

    Each airport, civil aviation authority, security provider but also responsible security supervisors at industrial complexes or within the critical infrastructure faces the same challenge:

    How can I achieve a most efficient and authentic initial and recurrent X-ray image evaluation training that ensures that my Operators and Screeners are up-to-par when it comes to a reliable detection of forbidden objects and bombs?

    This topic is of upmost importance. There are several scientific studies in place that illustrate that without a training software in place the ability of Operators and Screeners in evaluating X-ray images is not satisfactory. This of course makes absolutely sense. At a usual checkpoint at an airport or at industrial complexes the daily like of Operators and Screeners is very monotonous. That is due to the fact that at these checkpoints to almost 100% Operators and Screeners are just confronted with ordinary objects. Fortunately it does not happen on a regular basis that a forbidden object or even a bomb appears. Of course if such an event occurs it is of upmost importance that the Operators are in a position to fast most of all reliable detect the threat! For that a most authentic training is needed. It is simple – if an Operator has never seen a self-made bomb (IED) before, he of course will never ever be able to detect it!

    Aviation Security Web Based Training
  • To solve this issue and to assist the Operators with their have burden, STI has developed its trainings software OTS. All various X-ray simulators offer 100% true X-ray images with the best image quality available on the market (IQS quality) with tons of practice material (guns, IEDs etc.). To ensure a most efficient and varied training, the simulators not only features a simple “OK” or Not OK” part but also sophisticated, didactical important, different run types. These run types (information run, marking run, recognition run and alert run) make sure that an Operator receives a holistic training and maximizes the training result. In course of the marking run the software asks the Operator to find certain objects within the X-ray image. For that the Operator only has a predefined time period to do so, otherwise his result will be zero. Of course this timing can be set to the demand of each customer. In the recognition run the Operator has to identify a from the software marked object and furthermore to classify it. The alert run than finally trains live operations of evaluating if the image contains a threat object or not.

    Needless to say that there is a real image to the various X-ray images for comparison reasons and to further strengthen the training progress. All simulators contain the original GUI (graphical user interface) of the X-ray machine with all available image enhancement functions (organic only, SEN, crystal clear etc.). No training can get more realistic than training with OTS!

    The unique experience of STI when it comes to security training is something that truly stands out on the market. STI possesses an international Training- and Consulting Division that constantly conducts seminars at customer´s premises. Obviously we use the received customer feedback in these divisions to constantly further improve our training software OTS – no other CBT-provider is closer to the market than STI!

    Aviation Security Web Based Training
  • Furthermore STI itself serves as security provider at different airports in Germany and employees a few hundred Operators and Screeners on its own. This business segment also gives us a very deep understanding of the topic and a constant feedback from our own Operators which of course are trained with our OTS software.

    To make the product portfolio complete, STI offers a German wide net of air freight control centers. At these air freight control centers STI receives air freight and mail parcel from its customers and declares the received air freight, with the assistance of state-of-the-art security machinery, secure for further transportation to the airport. This gained experience of course also transfers right into our training software OTS – in this case into the development of the OTS air cargo and OTS mail screening X-ray simulator.

    The modular make-up of OTS allows us to offer each customer an individual, tailor-made, training solution. To comply with customers preferences OTS is available as classical CBT (computer-based training) either as stand alone version or in a classroom set-up or as WBT (web-based-training) via the internet, which allows a decentralized and time independent training.

    OTS – Your Choice for Your Security!

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    Aviation Security Web Based Training


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