Manufacturer and supplier of Aircraft Refueling Vehicles & Hydrant Dispensers

Established in 1963, STOKOTA specializes in road tankers, semi-trailers and trailers for transport and delivery of fuels conform ADR. Over the years, STOKOTA quickly became a leading specialist in the Benelux and Eastern European region for many years. After being in the business for over 50 years, STOKOTA has become an international producer of industrial vehicles for fuel distribution by road, Aircraft Refueling Vehicles and industrial cleaning vehicles with customers around the globe.

While maintaining a solid customer base in the normal road tankers and cleaning vehicles, STOKOTA’s focus is now on aircraft refueling vehicles and hydrant dispensers. Next to building successfully commercial and military aircraft refuellers for the Eastern European market and a series of 25 military units for the Belgian Air Force, we can also offer a complete portfolio with new hydrant dispensers.

The key points during development are use of advanced technology, safety, ergonomics, easy handling, easy maintenance and testing, clean design and a high build quality. Using the latest technology allows us to build light constructions without losing quality or safety.

STOKOTA is well known for the close contact with its customers. Through Customer Specific Design, we try to find the best compromise between our customers wishes and a well thought out design.

The main advantage of STOKOTA lies in the production process. We design and manufacture our own tanks from aluminium, stainless steel or carbon steel plate to fully equipped tank. The tanks are automatically welded and tested through radiographic checks on the welded joints, pressure test, capacity measurement, safe loading and brake tests. Next to that, the majority of the equipment going from frame work to electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment is designed and built in-house.

For total After Sales Service, Stokota relies on its highly trained personnel to intervene as quickly as possible to ensure as little downtime of your vehicle as possible. Also our sales and engineering team will always support you with professional advice.

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Company Profile

  • Aircraft Refueller – Rigids

    Our wide range of products is designed to cover the numerous requirements of the market. We sell custom made products to achieve the best result in efficiency and ergonomics for the user at low life-cycle costs for the operations.

    Rigid refuellers from 7.000 to 25.000 L capacity, full aluminium tanks according ADR, on various chassis possibilities.

  • Semi-Trailers

    Semi-Trailers with capacities varying from 35.000 and 40.000 litres, available in both oval shape and ‘Low Profile’ shape and a 60.000 litres version in double D section.

  • Trailers

    Complete with lifting platform, enclosed metering- and operating cabinet. Fitted with a fully ATEX and MID measuring and monitoring system, specifically designed for refuelling of aircrafts and helicopters.

    Air-site or Air-site + Road-site, with 1 or 2 axles, with or without lifting platform.

  • Hydrant Dispenser – Low Flow / High Flow / Low Profile

    STOKOTA manufacturers hydrant dispensers according customer specification.

    Flow rates can vary depending on the chosen type up to 4.000 l/min.

    Possibilities from the standard high flow dispensers (picture shown) to low profile (h < 2m), high or low flow dispensers. The dispensers are equipped with a lifting platform to gain access to the latest generation airplanes like the A380 or B777.

    Because of the modular design of our dispensers it is possible to choose between a variety of options. Ergonomics, safety and advanced technology are the key features from STOKOTA’s hydrant dispensers.


Aircraft Refuellers - Rigid Type

Aircraft refuellers – Rigid type Capacity between 5000 and 25000 litres (net capacity) 2-, 3- or 4-axle chassis. Any commercial chassis brand. For JET FUEL or AVGAS. Other fuel type and additives on request. Air-side …

Aircraft Refuellers – Semi-Trailer type

Aircraft Refuellers – Semi-Trailer type Capacity between 15000 and 85000 litres (net capacity) 2- or 3-axle chassis. Any commercial chassis brand. Single to 3-axle semi-trailer, depending on tank capacity. For JET FUEL. Other fuel type …

Aircraft Refuellers – Trailer type

Aircraft Refuellers – Trailer type Capacity between 5000 and 40000 litre (net capacity) 2- or 3-axle chassis. Designed and built in-house. For JET FUEL or AVGAS. Other fuel types and additives on request. Air-side only …

Military Aircraft Refuellers

Ready for action! Stokota military aircraft refuellers Rigid: Capacity between 5000 and 25000 litres (net capacity) Semi-trailer: Capacity between 30000 and 85000 litres (net capacity) 2-, 3- or 4-axle chassis. Depending on execution. Any commercial chassis …

Hydrant Pit Cleaner/Flusher

Hydrant Pit Cleaner and/or Flusher – Rigid type Capacity between 5000 and 20000 litres (net capacity) 2-, 3- or 4-axle chassis. Any commercial chassis brand. For JET FUEL and water. Other fuel types and additives …

Ground Support Equipment - Fuelling stairs

Fuelling stairs Fuelling steps in various heights. Fixed or deployable. With or without integrated fuelling hose and underwing nozzle. With thermal depressurisation system. Optional easy-lift system. Consult our sales team with your requirements.

Ground Support Equipment - Drain Carts

Drain Carts Drain carts in various volumes. With storage compartment for drain buckets Tow bar with parking brake system Filling strainer drain valves Consult our sales team with your requirements.

Ground Support Equipment - Hydrant Carts

Hydrant Carts Hydrant carts for aircraft refuelling. 2-axle unit For JET FUEL only. Stationary air side unit with tow bar, can be moved by electric mover or towed by a car. Electrically powered through solar …


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