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Airport Air Diffusion Systems

Strulik is a specialized supplier of engineered solutions for air diffusion systems in special occupied environments with more than 40 years´ experience.

One mayor field of Strulik’s work are airport terminals. Being involved at a very early stage of a project, Strulik assists design engineers, architects and contractors in all phases from pre-design to handover. This includes building simulation studies as well as the design and manufacturing of air diffusers.

With its generally object specific and bespoke solutions Strulik committed to highest quality in function and design, and offer a full warranty of function for the supplied systems.


Company Profile

  • Air Diffusion Systems For Use In:

    • Airports
    • Listed buildings
    • Indoor shooting Ranges
    • Concert halls, broadcasting and television studios

    In-wall displacement diffusers:

    In-wall installation is the normal system to integrate displacement diffusers, but large air flows require big areas which are normally not available. Moreover big concourses cause problems with the “near zone” and the “penetration depth”.

    Also the protection of big front faces against damage is a problem. Therefore these wall diffusers are used mainly in transition areas and also mostly in a modified version.

  • Airport Air Diffusion Systems Comprises:

    In the airport business Strulik activities follow and accompany the full construction process.

    Pre-design stage

    • Elaboration of basic proposal
    • Assistance to design engineers and architects
    Design stage
    • Calculation of cooling loads and air flows by means of CFD room simulations
    • Selection, rating and positioning of air terminal devices
    • Design of air terminal devices in cooperation with design engineers and
    • architects
    • Investigation of air velocity and temperature distribution in occupied zones
    • Verification of a design systems through CFD studies
    Construction phase
    • Manufacturing and testing of prototypes and mock ups
    • Manufacturing and supplying of air distribution terminals
    • Assistance in installation
    Completion and handover
    • Assistance in commissioning
    Strulik is committed to the highest quality in function and design and offers a full warranty of function for the designed and supplied systems.
  • Column Diffusers

    Special displacement diffusers can be integrated into the column casing as shown in the example opposite.

    This procedure requires good coordination between the suppliers of the columns and the supplier of column diffusers.

    Alternatively the displacement diffuser can be built as a combined functional and design element and supplied completely by the diffuser manufacturer.

  • Free Standing Airport Air Diffusers:

    Free standing diffusers are a simple way of ventilating large floor areas.

    Depending on the accepted size of the diffuser air volumes of 1.500 to 15.000 m³/h can be supplied. The shape of the diffuser can be round or rectangular.

    The rectangular shapes are most suitable because they allow the integration of display panels, advertising boards or fire hose reels. The active height should not exceed 2m.


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