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Health, Safety and Environment Airport Solutions. High Quality Modular Airport Seating, Industrial Linings & Coatings, Anti-Slip Stair & Floor Safety

Sui Generis (Latin: of its own kind, unique) was established in 1996 specialising in bespoke composite mouldings. However, at any early stage the versatility, robustness and consequent massive potential of fibreglass, also known as GRP was recognised and gradual progression has seen the company become experts in a wide variety of applications including GRP Linings and Coatings, Industrial GRP Grating, Anti Slip Stair and Flooring Products, Spill Containment products for IBC, Drum bunding and storage as well as a range of high quality commercial seating, water features and planters.

Economical industrial linings and coatings, with a 20+ year lifespan.
GRP lining and complete surface preparation for tank bunds, tanks, wall and floors.
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Anti-slip stair and floor safety solutions for the workplace.
Our anti-slip flooring, stair covers and grating reduces injuries and staff downtime even in the most slippery conditions.
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Spill containment and spill control.
Our extensive range of IBC Bunds, Tank Bunds, Drum Pallets & Spill trays GRP moulded products help tackle leaks, drips and spills at the workplace.
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GeoMet range of seating, planters and water features.
Landscape and garden products to transform your urban, industrial and garden landscapes.
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Airport Modular Seating, Water Features and Planters.

A range of beautifully striking and comfortable modular seating which can be adapted to fit any space. Simple curves and colour add beauty and fluidity to Airport lounge, concourse, shopping and retail areas, showrooms, exhibition spaces, foyers, lobbies and roof top gardens. Ideal for interior or exterior recreational and large-scale commercial interiors.

Modern Commercial Seating
GeoMet is a stunning collection of geometrically-shaped modular furniture pieces, seating, planters and water features – designed for mix and match use or as standalone single units.

Each piece in the GeoMet collection is handmade in the UK by highly skilled crafts people. The entire range is composite moulded which is also the perfect outdoor furniture material as it’s weatherproof, long lasting and requires minimum maintenance.

Sui Generis is the leading composite moulding company that creates furniture handcrafted in any BS/RAL colour to match any colour scheme. Lightweight (with weighted options available), modular in construction for flexibility of space planning and easy to install.

Custom made planter inserts
In addition, custom made planter inserts creates a container that sits within your existing planter, ideal for raised beds and large planting displays. Very tough composite moulded troughs simply drop into a container or existing planter to make them watertight.

  • Unique, modern designs – add real impact
  • Tough and hard wearing – will stand up to the rigours of heavy everyday use
  • Weather proof – can withstand anything the UK weather can throw at it!
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Easily cleaned
  • Any BS/RAL colour
  • Available as single seats or modular arrangements

View our range of seating, planters and water features: (GeoMet is a division of Sui Generis International Ltd).

Anti-Slip Stair and Floor Airport Safety Solutions.

Safe Tread range of Anti-Slip Stair Treads, Stair Nosing, Floor Sheets, GRP Grating products.

DDA compliant, easy to install, in an aesthetically pleasing wide range of colours.

Manufactured in long-lasting and durable GRP and Guaranteed for 10 years.

Our Heavy-Duty range of Stair Treads and Floor Sheets are ideally suited for areas with a very high footfall. For busy pedestrian traffic and industrial applications for airports, train stations, car parks, cafe and restaurant areas, lounge, concourse, shopping and retail areas. Interiors or exteriors.

Fit to stairs and floors, designed to be a quick and cost-effective solution to improving safety in potential slip hazard areas. With a gritted anti-slip surface ensuring outstanding slip resistance even in wet and oily conditions.

  • Rated extremely low potential for slip – create a safer environment
  • Tested anti-slip to BS7976.2
  • Quick and easy to install – can be applied to nearly any substrate
  • Indoor or outdoor use – covers existing stairs & floors
  • Stairs and floors can be used immediately after installation
  • FREE cut to size service, FREE pre-drilling service, FREE matching screws
  • Hardwearing and durable GRP – lasts for years
  • Corrosion resistant, Impact resistant
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 environmental
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Manufactured by us in Great Britain

View our range of anti-slip stair and floor products: (Safe Tread is a division of Sui Generis International Ltd).

Compliant Spill Containment IBC Bunds, Drum Bunds and Spill Pallets Safe Environment Solutions.

Our extensive range of GRP moulded IBC Bunds, Tank Bunds, Drum Pallets and Spill tray products help tackle leaks, drips and spills. Suitable for all oils and 95% of chemicals. They are available in a range of sizes or can be custom-made to your specifications.

Manufactured from an extra-tough, reinforced GRP, lighter than steel or polyethylene, bunds and pallets can easily be manoeuvred manually. Our spill range includes standard, removable platform and forklift facility options, in a choice of colours to clearly identify IBC contents or hazards.

With unique anti-slip grating
Our IBC bunds and Drum pallets are simply shaped with a removable support surface, they can be easily emptied or cleaned. The heavy-duty anti-slip gritted surface allows you to position tanks, IBC units or drums without sliding.

  • Protects your workplace, environment and personnel
  • Maintenance free
  • Tough reinforced composite construction – withstands the rigours of a working environment
  • Broad range chemical compatibility – no need to purchase a new unit if your storage use changes
  • Lighter than steel or polyethylene – easily repositioned without risk of manual handling injury
  • Simply shaped with removable support surface – easily emptied or cleaned
  • Heavy-duty anti-slip support surface – position IBC units or drums without sliding
  • For internal or exterior use
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Manufactured by us in Great Britain

View our range of IBC Bund, Tank Bunds, Drum Trays and Pallets:

GRP Linings and Coatings, Protection for Bunds, Storage Tanks, Walls and Floors.

When it comes to standard industrial surfaces, it’s just a matter of time before they corrode and fail. With a GRP lining, you can stop corrosion in its tracks and protect everything from steel to concrete. You’ll prevent expensive site damage, save on repairs and protect the environment – while keeping your facility safe and hygienic for personnel.

Protecting vital infrastructure and the environment
Sui Generis can provide high quality GRP linings and coatings wherever you have a surface you need to protect. Our full linings service includes surface preparation, repairs to cracks and corrosion – plus a complete GRP lining customised to your needs.

Our GRP linings have a 20+ year lifespan, ensuring that lining and repairs to storage tanks, bunds, vessels and pipelines are both economical and long lasting. And it’s faster than a complete tank or bund replacement – we’ll work with you to minimise downtime and get your surfaces back in action, fast.

Health and Safety
Our commitment to health and safety is one of the primary reasons we have been entrusted to work on high risk establishments such as nuclear plants, chemical factories and railway stations.

Sui Generis GRP linings & Coatings:

  • Economy – long term savings – no need to replace your tank or bund
  • Durability – 20+ year lifespan
  • Flexibility – copes with structural movement
  • Corrosion-proof – chemical resistant
  • Safety – installed by our experts

View our GRP Linings & Coatings service:

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