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Steel Security Doors, Louvre Doors & Panels, Security Roller Shutters

Sunray are leading UK designers, manufacturers and installers of SR rated Security Steel Doors, SR rated Steel Louvre Doors and Walls and Fire rated Steel Doors of up to 4 hours integrity. All SR products are certified by the LPCB.

We are also able to provide Ballistic Doors and roller shutters to specific criteria where the utmost protection is required.

At Sunray, we provide high quality and comprehensive Steel Door solutions to Airports across the UK and Europe. Our prestigious clients include Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted.

Through our comprehensive production facility, based in the UK, we are able to manufacture a diverse range of products all of which are bespoke in size and in certain cases to a particular security rating to ensure maximum protection for Security and Fire integrity.

Sunray provides an unrivalled level of flexibility in terms of function and design and our market-leading product range of security doors, grilles and louvres have been tested and certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) to Loss Prevention Standards (LPS) 1175 Issue 7 from Levels 1 – 6.

Our ethos of service and attention to detail ensures our clients receive an informed consultative approach throughout the project and we deliver your expectation for total assurance.

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Company Profile

  • SaverDoor®

    Our SaverDoor is the most diverse product within our portfolio with options on Frames, Hinges, Locking and Vision with Solid or Louvred Panels and virtually any colour choice and a Fire Rating from 4 – 6 hours dependent on door type.

    Louvered Doors and Doorsets

    Our Ventilated steel industrial Louvred doors and doorsets available as single, double and bi-fold leaf doorsets with overpanels and side panels options.

  • Security Rated Doors – Levels 1-6

    Sunray Steel Security Door range, tested and certified by the LPCB to LPS 1175 issue 7, from security levels 1-6.

    Levels 1 and 2 – The ExecDoor® Security Door Range

    The ExecDoor® is a range of rated single leaf, leaf and a half and double leaf steel security doors to be utilised in situations where an increased deterrence is required. The doors are certified to LPS1175 Security Rating 1 and 2. Typical applications for the ExecDoor® include leisure facilities, schools, universities, housing association communal areas and general retail outlets.

    Level 3 – The SR3 ExcluDoor® Security Door Range

    The ExcluDoor range provides exceptional security to LPS 1175 Security Rating 3, and is available with three key variants. Compliant to CPNI and Secure by Design requirement, Excludoor has a Fire rating of up to four hours in the MK3 FR version and can also incorporate vison panels in either single or double leaf. With a diverse range of locking options including access control, the Excludoor 3 range is versatile to accommodate most specification needs when the SR3 rating is required.

    Level 4 – SR4 ExcluDoor® 4 Security Door Range

    The ExcluDoor range provides exceptional security to LPS 1175 Security Rating 4, and is available with three key variants. The ExcluDoor 4 MK2 has a range of single, leaf-and-a-half double leaf high security steel dooresets. Available with a wide variety of locking options suitable for personnel access as well as panic exit and emergency escape. The Excludoor 4 MK2 FR incorporates an ExluGlass 4 Vision Panel with SR4 security rating. The ExcluDoor® 4 Mk3 is a range of high security steel doorsets offering single-point locking on both single, leaf-and-a-half and double leaf doorsets. The ExcluVent® 5 ventilated panel and/or ExcluGlass® 5 vision panel can be fitted without compromising the security rating.

    Level 5 and 6 – ExcluDoor® 5 and 6 Security Door Range

    Certified by LPCB to LPS 1175 Issue 7 SR and SR6. A wide range of single, leaf-and-a-half and double leaf security doorsets available with a wide selection of additions and locking options. Our ExcluDoor 6 is available with an ExcluGlass® 6 vision panel.

  • Security Rated Louvre Doors – Levels 2-3

    The ExcluLouvre® Door range of steel security louvre doors are security-rated by the LPCB to LPS 1175 issue 7, security levels 2 & 3, combining strength with excellent airflow characteristics.

    The ExcluLouvre Door is fully compatible with ExcluLouvre product range.

    Security Rated Louvres System – Levels 2-3

    Modular, lightweight ExcluLouvre® security louvres are certified by the LPCB to LPS 1175 issue 7, security levels 2 & 3, enabling a high level of deterrence against deliberate forced entry to premises.

    The ExcluLouvre is fully compatible with the ExcluLouvre Door range.

  • Security Rated Roller Shutters

    Designed for very high risk applications, our SR4 and SR5 roller shutters resists a sustained and experienced attempt at forced entry using an extended range of hand and power tools.

    Using our Lockdown technology, our Security rated roller shutters don’t require auxiliary locking to maintain their security rating. Ensuring the shutter is never left in an insecure position, facilitating operation of the shutter as a first point of entry, which wouldn’t otherwise be possible.


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