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Tamper-Evident Airline and Airport Security; Labels, Tapes and Bag Tape Manufacturer

Tamper Technologies Tamper-Evident Airline and Airport Security Labels, Tapes and Bag Tape are used globally throughout airports and airlines to help keep goods, people and places safe from the ever-increasing security threats.

Tamper Technologies manufacture tamper evident airline security solutions, which, after tampering has taken place reveal a warning message and cannot be re-applied. TamperTechs range of Tamper Evident Airline seals protect doors, catering trolleys, duty free bags, life jackets, overhead lockers, first aid kits and more, with tailored solutions for every application.

These tamper evident labels, tapes and security bag tapes protect passengers, crews and planes whilst also boosting brand awareness with personalised messages and corporate logos with the added sign-ability feature where labels can be written on throughout airport and airline processes for extra traceability.

The tamper evident labels and tapes can leave a permanent mark or no transfer on the surface it is applied to. The non-residue labels cannot be re-applied as the label is voided when removed and the message is then revealed within the label itself.

TamperTechs tamper evident labels can have additional layers of security added to them for example QR codes, sequential numbers, bar codes, UV inks and security cuts.

Tamper Technologies has been a market leading manufacturer of tamper evident labels and tapes for over 17 years. Receiving two Queens Awards, demonstrates the team are renowned for their expertise in printing, tamper-evidence, silicone release technology and adhesives.

Tamper evident label solutions from Tamper Technologies are flexible and can be applied to many different surfaces from metal, glass, plastic and painted surfaces as well as cardboard, fabric and wood. The selection of adhesives on offer will ensure the best tamper evident solution is available for you.

Whether non-residue, rub off or permanent – you have the choice of security cuts, UV print, Custom void and surface print completely customisable or you have the choice from our stock range. TamperTechs products all work when frozen and show when tampered with heat. We really do have the solution for you. The application of a tamper evident label offers an additional layer of security, instantly.

TamperTechs labels and tapes can be used to seal a door after a security sweep, an access cover after being checked, fuel caps after refuelling, galley carts and ground handling crates as well as cargo pallets.

Simple, secure track and trace features including individual barcodes and sequential numbers can be included easily. These individual numbers and receipt tabs ensure cases, goods and even spaces can be tracked to an individual. Labels are placed on the chosen surface, whilst the corresponding tag is affixed to the control document. Removing human error and speeding up security checking and processes.

Tamper evident security labels aid secure movement of people and goods across all borders and are compliant with the TSA – CCSP/CCSF.

Company Profile

  • Tamper Evident Aircraft Door Seals

    Tamper evident labels showing a VOID OPENED message on the surface applied too. These labels are applied over external door handles after the cleaning crew and security team have completed their checks at the end of the days service. Tamper evident labels can also be applied to seal internal doors.

    The aircraft door seals from Tamper Technologies can be non-residue, partial transfer rub off labels and permanent. The non-residue label doesn’t leave any message on the surface, however, cannot be re-applied and the label itself shows the void message, therefore demonstrating the unauthorised removing of a label and highlighting a safety risk. Partial transfer labels leave a partial message on the surface applied too that can be rubbed off. Permanent labels leave a permanent message on the surface applied too.

  • Tamper Evident Labels for Life Jacket Security

    These non-residue tamper evident labels are for use on life jacket cases and packets underneath the aircraft seats. These labels from Tamper Technologies are designed to be broken easily with the addition of security cuts and a dead centre using stripe coating technology.

    The addition of security cuts within the tamper evident label ensures that an elderly person with arthritis or a weak child can open the life jacket packet without any hinderance in case of an emergency.

    The use of tamper evident labels on aircraft survival equipment saves time on security and safety checks as the label will demonstrate if it has been voided and therefore the life jacket case or packet needs checking, rather than every packet having to be physically checked to ensure secure and safe.

  • Tamper Evident Labels for Inflight Catering Trolleys

    Tamper evident labels offer additional security for catering trolleys, which comply with individual airline customers requirements and TSA regulations. Protecting airline customers and brands.

    To ensure the security and safety of the contents tamper evident labels are applied with a unique number or a barcode which can be used to track and trace the trolley and contents easily. The application of a tamper evident label which can add to the track and trace of the trolley through cargo handling can fast track security clearances and reduce time waiting for the trolleys on the aircraft.

    Tamper evident inflight catering trolley labels are also used to prevent an unauthorised persons placing anything inside the cart and theft prevention.

    Tamper Technologies labels are available in a wide variety of colours that can work with airline branding and inbound or outbound flights, with numbering and barcodes available.

  • Tamper Evident Labels for Access Covers

    The use of tamper evident labels adds an additional layer of security to airfield access covers. These labels are made of a stretch material which allows for movement of the surfaces applied too.

    These tamper evident labels can be applied to clean and dry metal, steel, plastic and painted metal. The flexibility of the label ensures that the most difficult surfaces can be protected, from valve covers, roof hatches through to upstanding reservoir covers and frames.

    The labels are weatherproof and can be manufactured to fit the size and dimensions needed. The tamper evident stretchy label can be overprinted with a special message, logo, barcode for easy scanning or sequential numbers for traceability.

    When access is attempted the label will void and make it impossible to reapply.


No-Transfer Aircraft Security Label

Tamper evident labels are the best choice for use on aircraft doors when planes are parked or in storage. As well as being used on inflight catering carts, inspection panels, duty free packages, boxes and …


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