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Airside ID Pass Referencing

Tango Check offers a seamless solution to Airside ID Pass Referencing, working to the exacting standards of ID Centres across the UK; we specialise in airside screening and its ever-changing requirements. We bring a personal approach to airside vetting, placing value on accuracy, honesty, and clarity.

At Tango Check we care about our clients and we don’t give up. We will talk to your candidates, we will phone their referees, and we will build relationships. Combining these values with our excellent working knowledge of airport ID centre requirements guarantees a fast turnaround of compliant screening packs for airside pass applications.

Airside ID Pass Referencing is not an ‘additional service’ to us, it is our speciality. Day in, day out, you can count on us to deliver, because we are fully accountable for every stage of the screening process. As one of our clients you will receive a service designed to meet your specific needs, with a dedicated member of our team as your main point of contact. We not only take a personal approach to background screening, but also to our client relationships and we will be at the other end of the phone should you need us. Need an update but our offices are closed? You will also have 24/7 access to online reporting to check the status of your candidates in real-time.

In 2019 we recorded discrepancies on more than half of all screening applications; undeclared previous employment and qualification discrepancies were the most common inconsistencies. Discrepancies such as these can cause a lot of time to be needlessly wasted if not handled efficiently, so if you are unhappy with the level of service you are receiving from your current airside screening provider or would like to explore the option of outsourcing then contact us today. We are happy to complete everything from one-off checks for small businesses through to high volume requests for corporate organisations.

Airside Screening

As specialists in airside screening clients often approach us saying they are dissatisfied with their current screening provider due to either slow turnaround or too many inaccuracies in completed screening packs. At Tango Check we scrutinise each reference to ensure it meets the individual airport’s strict criteria. Each airport upholds different standards regarding the reference format and/or templates that they will accept for airside ID pass applications. These standards are ever-changing and are becoming more and more stringent. Regardless of the format, the information we gather for each airside ID pass application remains largely the same across all UK airports and includes:

  • ID verification and Right to Work
  • Address confirmation
  • Five year employment and education history verification (UK and International)
  • Additional evidence for gaps exceeding 28 days
  • Criminal records checks

From the moment we introduce ourselves to your applicant to the day we submit their completed reference pack we work hard to build and maintain relationships with the applicant, the referees, and the airport. We value transparency at every stage of the screening process from our quality reporting to our billing, ensuring we deliver exactly what you require with no nasty last-minute surprises.


Airside ID Pass Referencing

Airside clients often approach us as they are unsatisfied with their current provider or are looking to outsource this time-consuming function. We regularly hear that turnaround is too slow or that there are too many …

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