Tangonet Business Solutions LLC (Tangonet Solutions)

Building and integrating airport IT solutions

For more than 20 years, Tangonet Solution’s teams have been building and integrating airport IT solutions.  We have completed many projects for airport operators, ATI systems integrators and software providers to help them build and integrate solutions such as AODBs, FIDS, Biometrics. Security, Passenger/Traffic Flow and others using the latest technologies such as Public Cloud, Computer Vision, Video Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence among others.

From airport operations management, air transport services to ground and traffic management, our unique combination of domain and technical expertise covers a wide range of technology stacks and functional ATI solutions. We can quickly assemble and manage technology teams to help our clients build and deploy ATI technology solutions efficiently and effectively.

Tangonet Solutions’ key differentiator is that we have experience in both the Airport and Airline business processes – operational and commercial – as well as the technical expertise to help deliver IT projects fast.

Company Profile

  • Airport IT Project Implementation

    • Managed and integrated management system for international airport network—spanning common-use systems, flight information displays, operational databases, passenger tracking, tax collections, network infrastructure, security control centers, and building management and operations.
    • Designed and developed SAP-Fly an aeronautical billing extension to the SAP platform according to specific airport billing requirements.
    • Integrated latest technologies from multiple software vendors to create comprehensive security center solution with digital audio and video recording for a major international airport.
    • Developed in-house AODB (Airport Operational Data Base) management application covering several airports, including integration with CUTE (Common Use Terminal Equipment) at check-in counters.
    • Led implementation of FIDS (Flight Information Display System) for multiple airports—integrating and centralizing web portals and integrating with airline and security authority systems.
    • Built and implemented custom intelligent airport ground traffic analysis system with a focus on vehicular traffic control and infraction detection.
    • Built and implemented biometrics identification, vehicle parking, wireless mobile check-in, and airport tax collection solutions for various airports.
    • Led the implementation of the largest airport wi-fi network – at ATL
    • Led the implementation and integration of wireless check-in counters at JFK
  • Airport Technology Services

    Tangonet designs and develops innovative solutions for airports and airport technology providers based on a wide range of technologies—including machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, image and video capture, and data analytics. We also collaborate with airport operators, air and ground transport service providers, public and private-sector transport management organizations, system integrators, and software vendors to create end-to-end technology solutions and integration between different technology platforms:

    • Design technology roadmaps customized to client requirements
    • Build elastic teams for designing and building technology solutions
    • Provide teams with experience in the latest technology stacks and platforms
    • Integrate Managed Services seamlessly with existing systems
    • Provide end-end and point technology solutions from design to maintenance and support
    • Implement and support network and IT infrastructures
  • Global Airport Technology Experience

    The Tangonet team have managed IT projects and technology teams, designed and built software solutions, and integrated systems airports and airport suppliers across the globe:

    • Argentina: (EZE, AEP, COR, MDZ, MDQ, TUC and NQN)
    • Brazil (BSB)
    • Ecuador (GYE)
    • Uruguay (MVD, PDP)
    • Italy (MXP, LIN, BGY)
    • Germany (HAJ, TXL)
    • Spain (MAD, BCN, ALC)
    • Malta (MLA)
    • Armenia (EVN)
    • United States (ATL, MIA, JFK)


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