TDA Lefébure

Integration of 400 Hz Power Supply for the Aerospace and Military Sector

Founded in 1986 , TDA Lefébure has developed an airport activity, specialized in the integration of 400 Hz power supply and PCA for the aerospace and military sector.

Its activities include :

  • The systems to store and protect the aircraft cables: “Skypit” cable retrievers, coilers, hatch-type and Pop-up pits, as well as multi-energy pits for the maintenance hangars and the tarmac;
  • The converters on trailer;
  • The conception, integration and delivery of complete 400 Hz power supply systems, from the 50 or 60 Hz supply until the aircraft connector or the avionics workshop bench;
  • The customer service, from the conception to the maintenance, of equipment supplied by TDA or by third party manufacturers;
  • The test and maintenance equipment such as test boxes and cases, test connection plugs, etc…

TDA Lefébure partners with numerous manufacturers of 400 Hz equipment in order to offer to its customers the highest technical solutions and the best service in terms of logistics, quality and reactivity.

TDA Lefébure is the sole distributor of Leoni Studer 400 Hz cables for France, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

Thanks to a large team of specialized engineers and technicians, TDA Lefébure ensures the maintenance of all equipment it has provided and installed, as well as further 400 Hz equipment and 50 Hz Uninterrupted Power Supplies.

TDA Lefébure is ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO50001

400 Hz Power Supply for the Aerospace and Military



With dimensions reduced to the minimum, the B-Pit puts at disposal directly at the aircraft parking position a 400 Hz power supply or a 50 Hz socket (up to 250 A) for a PCA group …

PCA Pit for Airports and Aircraft Hangars

PCA Pit Based on the principle of the HPO (Hatch and Pop Out) pit, the PCA PIT places upon opening the PCA hose and its connector at operator's handreach, for a simplified handling and an optimal …

BRN 400 Pop-up Pit

Pop-up pit for 115 V / 400 Hz power supply and earthing cable winder. Its use is easy and effortless thanks to its patented mechanism by TDA Lefébure. The pit can also integrate other connections: 50/60 Hz, …

Flex Pit Multi Functional Ground Pit

These pits combine the rotating flap and the elevating system to bring all connections above ground at user's level. Once connected, the pits can be closed to avoid unnecessary hurdles around the aircraft. Their modular design …

'Skypit' Cable Retriever

400HZ Cable Retriever Mounted on Passenger Bridge Its mechanical design is such that moving or rotating elements and electrical contacts have been reduced to the bare minimum, in order to minimise the risk of breakdown and …

GDP 400 - 400 HZ Mobile Converter

These converters, especially useful for remote parking places, can be delivered in different powers and can integrate 28VDC power supply. The trailer has been developed for an intensive use on very busy international airports and include …

Apron Cable Retriever

Cable Retriever on Feet The APRON has been developed on the mechnical basis of the RAM402 "Skypit" cable retriever. It shares with the RAM402 the high protection level of the aircraft cable and the high reliability of …

BR400 “Crocodile” Articulated Arm

The TDA Lefébure “Crocodile” cable carrier helps connecting aircraft to 400 Hz or 28 V power supplies. It offers the possibility to bring two cables to the aircraft. It is available in different versions, from two …


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