Tray Return Systems, Motorized Belts and Roller Conveyors

With its 30 year experience in metalworking Teknik Dokum manufactures and supplies quality products for the airports such as tray return systems, motorized belts and roller conveyors, conveyor rollers, divesting tables used in passenger and luggage control. It also tries to satisfy the customer demands by special designs on request as well as to be a solution partner in special projects.

Teknik Dokum was established in 1977 as a casting company, started manufacturing machines and equipments for jewelry in 1983 and has realized exports to about 50 countries.

It has extended its field of activity to security sector since 1996 by becoming the exclusive distributor of CEIA and Smiths Detection in Turkey. By Introducing quality walkthrough metal detectors and x-ray inspection systems into the Turkish market and supporting the growing sales by a good service organization it proved its ability to be, within a couple of years, a leading firm in security field. Nearly all airports of Turkey, at present, like the biggest ones in Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya, use security equipment supplied or manufactured by Teknik Dokum.

Company Profile


    Due to its modular and flexible design OSTS tray carrying system allows to create innovative solutions for airport security checkpoint applications. OSTS can be designed for all kind of x-ray baggage inspection systems and for various tray sizes as well as with belt or roller conveyor modules according to the specific application and with different colors as per demand.

    • Automatic Tray Feeding & Return
    • Automatic Diversion of Suspect Baggage
    • Modular Design, Flexible Configuration
    • Sophisticated System With Minimal Footprint
    • High Flow of Passengers Without Queuing
    • Reduced Security Staff & Running Cost
    • Low Energy Consumption
    • Aesthetic Robust Design, Noiseless Operation

    Ramp Conveyor System is a motor driven slide bed conveyor to carry and raise packaged loads and luggage at short distances.

    The system consist of two conveyor belts interlinked such that the load put on the horizontal belt is conveyed to the inclined belt to carry it upward or vice versa as the running direction of the system is changed by the operator at will.

    Ramp Conveyor System has an aesthetic appearance with stainless steel panels mounted on a robust steel frame supported by leveling feet. It is a noiseless, maintenance free system easy to install and use with the ability to run continuously.

    • Robust Frame
    • Stainless Steel Panels
    • Aesthetic Design
    • Noiseless Operation
    • Maintenance Free

    A roller conveyor for transferring packaged loads at short distances by gravity through declined rollers at one end and horizontal ones at the other.

    It is designed to be combined with equipment such as x-ray luggage inspection systems at the airports. With such combination it receives the luggage exiting from the x-ray system and conveys to the pick-up point without any invention by the operator or security personnel.

    It has a robust steel frame with stainless steel panels and durable steel rollers designed to carry heavy loads.

    Roller Conveyor does not need any maintenance, and is easily installed in place by means of the leveling feet.


    MSTS Tray Carrier is designed to transfer the plastic trays used for security check of personal objects from the exit point to the access point of x-ray inspection systems.

    It is a semi-automatic system where the empty trays are fed and picked up manually from output and input ends with its conveyor belt automatically transferring the trays.

    • Stainless Steel Body
    • Movable by Wheels
    • Compact & Aesthetic Design
    • Noiseless Operation
    • Maintenance Free
    • Wide Advertisement Area


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