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Airport Video Information Systems

Telemedium supplies advanced Airport Video Information Systems. As integrator, the company offers professional services: consulting, planning, project management, content creation and training.

Teleportel develops 3D TelePresence information Kiosks and software for airport video contact centers. The company is undisputed leader in high-quality, high-reliability Airport Video Information Systems.

Company Profile

  • Live, Interactive 3D Video Information Desks at Airports

    Independent surveys confirm that passengers perceive lack of information as the single biggest shortcoming at airports today. Providing timely and high-quality information and service is a powerfull competitive advantage in the fierce competition between airports.

    Information desks at airports worldwide are consistently faced with conflicting challenges:

    • Provide the highest quality service at the lowest cost.
    • Increase productivity.
    • Do more with less.
    • Competitive pressure is high.
    • Service level expectations from passengers become increasingly higher and interactions are more complex.
    • The passengers expect information that is instant, easily accessible, personal, accurate and friendly.
    • Passengers associate this with quality of the airport.
    • The quality of service delivery relies on many resources within and possibly outside the organisation.
    • The service agents responsible for customer service delivery must work efficiently and at the lowest possible cost.
    • Coping with this challenge demands a combination of advanced technologies and streamlined processes.

    That solution exists. It is called ‘ASSIST’ and the acronym stands for: Airport Service, Sales and Information System for Travelers.

    ASSIST is an integrated information system, controlling and managing airport information delivery processes using video, audio and data. This complete service delivery system has been designed to offer the highest possible ‘face to face’ customer service at a low cost.

    The system is composed of both unique and highly specialized hardware and software components.

  • Airport Video Information Systems

    The hardware is based on 3D TelePresence equipment which is probably the most advanced way to communicate over distance. This is not experimental or speculative technology, but is in use in 25 countries around the world! The strong sense of presence is unmatched.

    This is not comparable with any other video communications technology such as video conferencing or telepresence.With 3D TelePresence it actually looks and feels as if the remote service agent (who is located in a contact center) is physically standing behind the counter: life-size, in 3D and with aligned eye-contact.

    The service agent appears to be physically present and can liaise with the passenger as if he/she would be present. The contact center agent shows and prints documents or maps. Moreover, the agent has the ability to read/scan/save/annotate documents presented by the passenger.

    The contact center agent uses an ergonomic Workstation which will enable him/her to appear life-sized, in 3D and with eye-contact, on any ‘Information Kiosk’ at any airport, at any time. The agent has all the necessary tools at his/her fingertips.

    The system is very easy to use. Training takes less than one hour.

  • Airport Video Software

    The software is AVICCS. (Audio and Video Integrated Call Center System). This state-of-the-art, open and standard-based system is built upon a powerfull communications engine with video, audio and data facilities. Around that core, a user friendly application has been developed aiming at a customer-centric information delivery process.

    AVICCS manages and controls the entire information delivery process and enables the transmission of video, audio and data. Both locally and globally. The contact center agent could be anywhere. The processes are fully automated to make life easier for the passenger and for the call center agent.

    Detailed statistics such as performance reports are available to the management. These reports include passenger satisfaction ratings. This enables better operational control and focus on optimization, quality, service and productivity. AVICCS can be integrated with existing, open, standard-based ICT systems or call-center infrastructure.

    ASSIST offers the highest passenger satisfaction at the lowest cost, at the highest comfort for the contact center agents. The turn-key solutions of ASSIST are offered to you by a consortium of the specialists: Telemedium ( in partnership with Teleportel (

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  • Video Information Systems for Airports

    As with all the equipment supplied, the appearance of the remote service agent is very realistic and authentic. Thanks to the 3D look-and-feel and the aligned eye-contact, the sense of presence is very strong. Moreover there is no visible technology.

    As a result of all these human-centric cues, it seems that the service agent is actually physically present! This enhanced sense of presence adds to the full acceptance by the passengers.  This ensures a healthy ROI and a phenomenal VOI (Value on Investment).

    This new model Kiosk, features a user friendly, intuitive touch-screen providing instant access to pre-recorded 2D and 3D content (for ‘self-service’ purposes). The ‘connect’ button establishes connection with a live agent within a few seconds. A scanner (for boarding passes or other documents) and a solid ink printer are integrated into the Kiosk.

    This new model was very well received by all those who had the privilige of experiencing this new-to-the-world communication device for the very first time.


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