Mobile Resource Management & Telematics for Airline Service and GSE

Telogis provides telematics and mobile resource management (MRM) solutions to ground support operations including caterers, cleaners, or any number of other apron logistics service providers.

Telogis is on hand to provide full visibility of this complex market; highlighting ways to help streamline your operations, respond faster to demand, manage costs, maximise efficiency and improve workplace safety. Our MRM platform integrates with airport dispatch systems to give you a real-time view of your entire mobile operation, helping you manage your apron logistics from the palm of your hand.

We understand that every minute ground staff arrive early for a flight, is a minute without pay – so we’ll help you make every second count. With an at-a-glance view of all Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and staff at any given time, you can quickly and easily dispatch resources precisely when and where it’s needed – maximising operational efficiency and ensuring your workforce is always on the clock.

And that’s not all, our MRM platform puts the live working status at your fingertips, helping you to:

  • PROMOTE SAFER DRIVING BEHAVIOR – Mobile workers can tick off tasks such as safety checks via mobile devices. Cross-reference this with location and activity data to confirm all required activities took place, helping you to defend against airside accident claims and delays meeting aircraft deadlines.
  • HELP STAY COMPLIANT – Receive real-time alerts for specific safety and compliance events. You can also ensure you stay compliant with airport rules and regulations by geofencing and speed limiting vehicles and equipment.
  • SAFEGUARD YOUR ASSETS – Maintenance alerts set by engine hours or mileage and schedule maintenance.
  • PROMOTE SECURITY – Door sensors, driver ID and engine on alerts can also protect against theft and misuse of vehicles and equipment.
  • MAXIMISE EFFICIENCY – With a complete picture of your wider apron logistics, you can easily highlight areas of inefficiency – such as quiet periods or idle equipment. Use this information to redeploy staff and equipment.
  • MANAGE COSTS – With automatic reporting on the working status of your people and equipment on the ground you can greatly improve billing accuracy and ensure you’re always paid for the work you carry out.
  • GO GREEN – Get a comprehensive and accurate picture of the environmental impact of your GSE operation – allowing you to implement green friendly and carbon-offsetting programmes.

Ultimately, the Telogis platform acts as a single point of communication for all stakeholders, providing an at-a-glance real-time view of apron logistics. This vital information and more can be proactively managed from a single, rich command dashboard that offers robust reporting and business analytics views at a regional, national or even global level.

Telogis for Airline Services can help your operation become safer, more responsive and more efficient.

To learn more about Telogis, visit or call: +44 (0)20 3005 8805.

Company Profile

  • Ground Support Telematics

    Whether you are providing support for catering, cleaning, or supplying vital equipment such as stairlifts or baggage trucks then ground support telematics can help you to keep your operations as tight as possible by ensuring that all your assets and mobile workers are in the right place at the right time.

    Get an overview of all your assets in a single view, helping you to deploy your services in a timely fashion. Avoid wasted time and even worse failures in SLA performance and the associated costly penalties.

  • Mobile Workforce Management

    Keeping your mobile workforce on plan is vital to ensure that you have the right asset in the right place at the right time, all with the knowledge that the person doing the job is best qualified to do the job in hand.

    Make sure that ground staff are completing the right checks and help coach them with our mobile apps on android and apple mobile devices.

  • Safety Compliance

    Top of everyone’s list is safety compliance. Ensuring your staff and customers are safe is paramount to the smooth running of your operation. Make sure that safety checks are ticked off with our mobile apps. We can help you to keep staff and equipment in check by providing you total visibility of ground operations with user alerts on unauthorised stops or deviation from designated routes or areas.

    Cross reference this location and activity data to confirm all checks took place. Get an audit trail to help you defend against airside accident and delay claims.


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