Airport Passenger Journey & Queue Management Solutions

Recognised globally as the leader in Airport Passenger Journey and Queue Management Solutions, Tensator’s products are proven to generate revenues, improve efficiencies and increase profitability.

Tensator’s advanced Airport Passenger Journey and Queue Management Solutions, designed to improve queue flow, enhance the customer experience, provide additional revenue streams and ensure passenger safety, include: electronic single line queue management, digital media, in-queue merchandising, display & signage, access control and the world-famous Tensabarrier®.

Tensator remains the queue management supplier of choice for the airport industry:

  • Preferred Route One Supplier for BAA
  • ASIAD (Aviation Security in Airport Developments) compliant products
  • Full consultancy service

“On each project Tensator has provided a superior level of service as a supplier to BAA Heathrow of queue management systems, barriers, gates, screens and other related products.

As well as supplying an excellent product, Tensator has also provided an innovative approach, helping each project come up with the right product/solution according to the situation.”
Mike Myers, BAA

Company Profile

  • Tensabarrier Queuing Posts & Stanchions

    Used in many airports around the world, Tensabarrier® retractable posts are renowned for being one of the safest queuing barriers in the world.

    With Tensabarrier® retractable webbing stanchions you are able to provide a visible order to any waiting line and help reduce passenger uncertainly as to where to queue.


    • Tensabarrier® products have passed vigorous serviceability and safety load experiments
    • Unlike competitive products, Tensabarrier® posts have a patented braking system that incorporates twin brake shoes.  This slow retract technology allows the webbing to fall to the floor upon release and then slowly and safely retract into the post – eliminating the risk of an accident and injury claims
    • Tensator offers webbing belts with anti-tamper tape ends, preventing accidental release of the webbing, and panic break tape ends create emergency exit routes within queue corrals


    • Increase queue flow with organised queues
    • Reduce passenger anxieties and frustrations
    • Optimise available space with versatile barrier solutions for on/off peak travel times
    • Improve passenger safety and create emergency exit routes within queue corrals
    • Reduce the risk of injuries and claims through the deployment of barriers that have passed extensive serviceability and safety load testing
  • Electronic Single Line Queue Management

    Tensator’s Electronic Single Line Call Forward Systems serve passengers in the order they queue. Trialed, tested and proven to increase efficiencies, reduce service times and manage the distribution of waiting passengers to available service positions.

    • Reduce service times by up to 30% and improve staff utilisation
    • Speed queue flow and increase throughput of passengers by up to 5%
    • Increase shopping time within the terminal with quicker queues
    • Improve passenger satisfaction and deepen loyalty by eliminating wrong queue frustrations
  • Digital Media, Display and Signage Solutions

    The Tensator Virtual Assistant utilises state-of-the-art technology to project an image, which creates the illusion of a live person and provides a unique advertising and instructional platform.  It’s a next generation digital signage platform that really enhances the passengers’ waiting experience.

    • Create a clear communication tool for informing passengers
    • Increase efficiencies by preparing passengers prior to entering the security process
    • Enhance the passengers’ travel experience and reduce passenger stress
    • Benefit from sales of advertising space and increase spend within the terminal retail outlets
    • Add value by conveying consistent security announcements, branding or advertising messages
    • Bring messaging to life and fully engage with the passenger to creating a more informative and entertaining wait

    “We’re always looking for ways to make our customers’ journeys as easy and relaxing as possible and the Virtual Assistant from Tensator enables us to provide them with valuable information that can speed up the check-in process.”

    Christian Schmitt, Vice President Ground Operation, Condor

    “As a customer-centric company, we realise that it is essential, amid all the on-going growth and expansion, that we make the journey through our airport as quick and pleasant as possible. Just like Dubai International, the virtual assistants work 24/7 and will play an important role in helping us to achieve that goal.”

    DXB, Sujata Suri, Vice President, Service Development for Dubai Airports

  • Passenger Safety Solutions

    Tensator’s access control solutions are designed to help airports and airlines create a safe passenger environment.

    • Aid passenger guidance and create space division within the terminal
    • Improve passenger flow
    • Reduce passenger waiting times
    • Improve operational efficiencies and save time and money
    • Ensure high levels of health and safety throughout the terminal


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