Refuelling Solutions: Aircraft Refuellers, Hydrant Dispensers, Refuelling Equipment

TITAN AVIATION is the World leader for aircraft refuelling solutions, for private, commercial and military operators. With more than 60 years experience, 80% of our products are exported World-Wide, our expertise is recognized for ultimate reliability and quality.

From small airfields to major international oil companies, TITAN AVIATION offers turnkey and customized refuelling solutions, customers can select our standard designs meeting all international standards or bespoke designs meeting their exact specifications.

TITAN have 3 factories with our state of the art facility in Arnas as well as one near Marseille and our wholly owned facility in Asia.

TITAN AVIATION design and build a full range of equipment from small towable trailers to the high capacity 65,000L low profile semi-trailer designs and state of the art hydrant dispensers and pit cleaners.

We are also well known for supplying static installations, large fuel farms and other static/skid solutions.

TITAN AVIATION is at the forefront of innovation for aircraft refuelling, to improve operators comfort, ecological footprint, safety, reliability, and performance.

Titans digital technology EZ CONTROL®: is a digital assistant for refuelling, easy and intuitive to use and packed with features such as refueling diagnostics, reporting functions and even operator tutorials.

The latest innovation of TITAN AVIATION is the EZ FLOW® technology and is available for all aircraft refuellers. With this engine-off solution, the refuelling operation becomes more environmentally friendly offering a reduced carbon footprint – it’s quiet running, with zero exhaust emissions during refuelling, offering a better environment for both the operator and customer. TITAN are leading the ‘Electric Revolution’!

TITAN is now launching a brand new full electric range of refuellers and hydrant dispensers, developed over 2 years using the brightest new minds in electric drive technology with the guidance of recognised refuelling industry experts – TITAN AVIATION are more advanced in these technologies that any other builder. Every part of the refuelling duty has been analysed to ensure that the TITAN eR range has all the electric power required for a long refuelling shift, with ergonomically designed cabs and controls to offer a smarter, safer, higher performing and sustainable solution for our industry. Helping our industry to achieve a sustainable recovery!

The TITAN DEFENSE division offers a dedicated range for military refuelling operations, with high mobility standards, rugged solutions and specific products for tactical refuelling and FARP (Forward Arming Refuelling Point). We have provided a huge range of varied equipment for special forces or high uplift operations and we are proud to have won some of the largest military contracts in recent years for operations in all climatic conditions.

For commissioning, training, maintenance and repair, TITAN AVIATION SERVICES offers a huge range of options, such bringing your existing equipment up to latest international standards or even converting a refueller to ‘engine off’ refuelling technology – helping you to achieve your carbon reduction targets. Our technicians operate on airports world-wide providing preventive and corrective maintenance services, helping to keep your equipment performing safely and efficiently.


ENGINE OFF - Electrification kit for aircraft refuellers

TITAN AVIATION offers a modular solution for existing or new aircraft refuellers, to convert your refueller to ‘Engine Off’ battery powered refuelling operations. The EZ FLOW® technology is a retro-fit  electric solution to reduce your …

Electric Powered refuelling trailer

TITAN-eTR is the electric refuelling trailer by TITAN AVIATION, dedicated to AVGAS or JET. This electric solution is autonomous and powered by batteries for refuelling. This zero emission refuelling trailer improves your carbon footprint, contributing …

Aviation fuel farms – Static Refueling Systems

TITAN AVIATION offers turn key aviation fuel farms for airports, military or private users, adapted to your needs in terms of capacity and performance. Typically solutions include a loading and unloading group, with filter, meter and …

Hydrant dispensers

TITAN AVIATION designs and manufactures hydrant dispensers for into-plane operations at airports with hydrant systems. TITAN hydrant dispensers are available with high flow rates, 2,500l/min to 4,000l/min, and with low profile design if needed. The …

Hydrant pit cleaner

TITAN AVIATION hydrant pit cleaners are designed to clean, rinse and vacuum hydrant pits, and ensure a maximum quality of service. They are equipped with a rinse and suction lances and an air gun for drying the hydrant pit and …

Refueller or Dispenser Modules

TITAN AVIATION can supply modules for all types of aircraft refuellers and hydrant dispensers and these are available in CBU/SKD or CKD, for local assembly, like a plug and play solution. We can supply TITAN standard …

Rigid aircraft refuellers

TITAN AVIATION rigid aircraft refuellers are available from 3 000L to 38 000L, to our standard specification or to yours, with a host of features and benefits, to refuel private  or large commercial jets, on civil and …

Semi-trailer aircraft refuellers

TITAN AVIATION semi-trailer aircraft refuellers are available from 25,000L to 65,000L, to our standard specification or to yours with a host of features and benefits, to refuel private or large commercial jets, on civil and …

Company News

TITAN AVIATION commissioned the world's first 100% electric refueller

On April 13, 2021, the TITAN-eRR20, the world’s first 100% electric refueller, will be commissioned at Le Bourget Airport where it will be operated by TOTAL. A major innovation for the decarbonisation of airport operations, …


2,500 LPM HYDRANT DISPENSER WITH 'ENGINE OFF' REFUELLING QUICKLY AVAILABLE! Designed with the latest innovations, 150 m³/h hydrant dispenser is equipped with EZ Control digital interface, which guides operators during airplane refuelling, ensures safety and …

The worldwide first full electric refueller from TITAN AVIATION


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Engine Off Refuelling

EZ FLOW ENGINE OFF REFUELLING KITS Start your carbon reduction journey with TITAN Engine Off EZ FLOW retrofit kits


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