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Innovative Airfield Ground Lighting Products and Solutions

TKH Airport Solutions offers innovation in airfield ground lighting. We provide a comprehensive range of AGL solutions. These include powerful, highly reliable LED lighting products and accessories as well as future-proof innovative solutions for airfield lighting.

Being part of the TKH Group, the company can build on a history of 80 years in smart connectivity.

With our LED AGL portfolio being well known and trusted upon in the world, innovation has led to a new solution: CEDD® AGL, a revolutionary connectivity system for Airfield Ground Lighting. With our CEDD® AGL solution, we seamlessly integrate the needs of airports with new airfield network technology.

Company Profile

  • CEDD® the future

    CEDD® AGL is a smart solution for airports that increases the efficiency, safety and reliability of the airfield ground lighting infrastructure.

    CEDD® means Contactless Energy and Data Distribution. The technology is based on a safe, inductive system without any galvanic contact. It was especially designed for situations with high safety requirements and continuous operation such as at airport runways.

    CEDD® provides power and data via one cable, reducing installation efforts and improving system safety, thus overcoming the limitations of “traditional” AGL systems.

    CEDD® AGL means: 

    • No galvanic connections or transformers required
    • Quick and easy ‘click-and-go’ installation
    • Faster switching of lights
    • 40% lower energy consumption compared to regular LED AGL
    • Reduced civil and maintenance cost

  • Follow the Greens with CEDD®

    Follow the Greens (FTG) is an innovative and performance-enhancing guidance method for aircraft movements on airport taxiways. FTG speeds up the taxiing procedure of an aircraft to and from the runway with more than 14%.

    CEDD® AGL makes it easy to control each light separately. That is why CEDD® AGL is the solution for individual lamp guided ground lighting and an answer to the upcoming Follow the Greens regulations.

  • Airfield Lighting Portfolio

    TKH Airport Solutions offers a range of inset lights, elevated lights, retrofit kits for signs and lights for heliports. Also, we offer power solutions (such as CCRs and CEDD® basestations) and the necessary accessories.

    The lights can be used with traditional CCRs but many of them can also be part of the CEDD® AGL solution. Contact us to learn more on the possibilities.


    TKH Airport Solutions originated from three different companies: Hella K/G’s Airfield Lighting division from Germany, Induperm S/A from Denmark and Use System Engineering B.V. originating from The Netherlands.

    TKH Airport Solutions is one of the operating companies of the Dutch stock-listed TKH Group NV, a global company with 80 years of history in connectivity solutions for different markets.

    TKH Airport Solutions


Company News

TKH Airport Solutions introduces new series of elevated airfield lights

TKH Airport Solutions proudly announces the launch of a new product family of elevated airfield ground lights. Key features of the new 797-series are the low energy consumption, the IP69 rating, and the individually controllable …


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