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Consultancy in Airport and Airspace Planning and Optimisation

To70 is a world leading aviation consultancy providing research and advisory services to the global aviation community. We strongly believe in a sustainable future for air travel and identify actions that contribute to a positive industry response to climate change. Founded in The Netherlands in 2000, we now have a global team of experts based in a network of offices across Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas.

Our team has significant airport and airspace operational experience that helps us understand the operational goals and challenges of our clients. These clients include airports, air navigation service providers, government bodies, research institutions and airlines. We complement our operational expertise with analysis and research capabilities which, combined with effective consultancy leadership, offer solutions to help our clients improve their services.

Our strength lies in our ability to understand the local context of our clients’ challenges and provide global experience to identify effective and pragmatic solutions. Our consultants work in close cooperation with our clients. Together, we identify and analyse problems, recommend solutions, and assist with the subsequent implementation.

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Company Profile

  • Safety

    To70 help clients improve their safety performance through implementation of practical improvements to the aviation system and the organisations working practices. To70 has in-depth knowledge in improving safety optimising organisational leadership, operating procedures, design of technology, human performance and airspace design. Using our knowledge of international, regional and state regulatory frameworks we also provide expertise in regulatory compliance.

    Our experts help clients review the effectiveness of their safety management practices and identify new strategies to manage emerging safety risks. We also help our clients realise the benefits of operational, technical or airspace improvements by understanding the impact of change through safety and human factor assessments. Additionally, our experts can provide investigation assistance to help learn from safety incidents accidents.

  • Environment

    To70 help clients develop strategies to achieve environmentally sustainable outcomes to the benefit of their own organisations as well as society. This includes providing operational and analytical expertise to support clients identify pathways to a carbon neutral environment.

    Our experts help clients design operational procedures that minimise CO2 emissions for air and ground vehicles as well as mitigating the impact on communities of aircraft noise pollution and reduced air quality. Our experience in stakeholder consultation with all aviation parties including the local communities help ensure changes are optimised.

  • Efficiency

    To70 help clients improve the efficiency of flight operations in the airspace and airside environment and passenger flows within the terminal. Our experts help clients optimise the resources available to deliver efficient operations and use best practice performance analysis and visualisation techniques to simply communicate solutions to all stakeholders.

    Our experts understand the complex aviation environment, the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders and the information flows required to ensure successful collaboration. We help our clients use that knowledge to drive increased efficiency and predictability into the aviation system to the benefit of everyone in the industry.

  • Capacity

    To70 help clients identify solutions to increase capacity within the airspace and the airport airside and terminal environments. We help clients benchmark their own operations with similar operational environments, drive capacity improvements through efficiency improvements and look for operational improvements to ensure the available capacity can flexibly match the demand at all times.

    Our experts have strategic insight into the development of the aviation industry and use that knowledge to help clients perform master planning and strategic studies.

Company News

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