Real Time Asset Location Tracking and Management System for Airports

Real Time Asset Location and Management Systems

TracLogik provides Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) for asset location tracking and management for ground support equipment, airport staff, in terminal assets or any other airport asset.

By enabling airline and airport maintenance, operations and management staff to locate the assets that they need to do their jobs more effectively significant benefits include:

  • Increased staff productivity
  • Reduced aircraft turnaround time
  • Improved asset utilisation
  • Reduced wasted and associated costs
  • Improved compliance adherence
  • Improved procurement decision making
  • Increased security

TracLogik’s solutions allows any asset to be tracked, in real time, using technologies including GPS, Bluetooth (BLE), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and WiFi. This enables assets that are located across the airfield to be monitored on the same system as assets that are located within buildings, such as hangers or terminals, giving a complete picture of all airport assets. Additional telemetry information is also available – customisable to the asset type, including fuel level/load, power level, temperature/humidity etc.

As well as providing real-time location information, the TracLogik Control Centre also enables effective asset management. With customisable status information, scheduling, service information and real-time alerts, the system is a complete asset management tool.

Why TracLogik?

TracLogik’s philosophy is that one-size-fits-all doesn’t work. All TracLogik’s services are designed to be highly customisable to meet specific user requirements. Whether you need integration with an existing system, an on-premise or cloud deployment or specific functionality enhancements, these can all be built in to your requirements.

  • Understand the full picture of your airport environment with a real-time view of your asset locations
  • Create asset reports at the click of a button
  • Locate your assets quickly and accurately for scheduled or emergency servicing and maintenance
  • Track location history information to build up a clear view of airport operations
  • Create alerts to notify teams when unauthorised events are detected
  • Leverage existing infrastructure for a low-cost deployment
  • Combine active and passive RFID, WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth and GPS technologies to deliver a complete solution with a single dedicated control panel

Company Profile

  • GPS Tracking for Airfield Assets

    TracLogik’s broad range of GPS tracking units can operate autonomously for extended periods without external power, or indefinitely with an external power source. For example, can be concealed covertly within packages and operate on battery power alone for many months, or connected directly to the batteries of target vehicles, for indefinite service.

    This flexibility ensures that we have an appropriate tracker for all types of ground support equipment, whether powered or unpowered.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy Tracking

    Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tracking tags, assets and staff can be tracked throughout buildings and within defined outdoor areas.

    Bluetooth Tracking Tags
    Using standard based Bluetooth tags based on either the iBeacon or Eddystone standards means that the tags are manufactured in hundreds of combinations of form factor, battery size and additional sensors. This ensures that they’ll be a low-cost tag to achieve a huge range of specific use cases and scenarios.

  • RFID Tracking

    Using RFiD tracking tags assets and staff can be tracked throughout airport buildings.

    The low cost of passive RFiD tags means that they are particularly relevant for tracking lower-value or consumable assets, such as documents or maintenance inventory.

    Active RFiD tags contain a battery that directly powers communication. This on-board power source allows an active RFiD tag to transmit information about itself at far greater ranges than passive tags, either by constantly beaconing this information to an RFiD tag reader or by transmitting only when it is prompted to do so.

  • WiFi Tracking

    Firefly is TracLogik’s WiFi based real time tracking tag which enables the location and monitoring of assets and devices throughout buildings and across the entire airport environment.

    Using the Firefly WiFi tags, real time location information is provided to the users via the TracLogik Control Centre. In addition, tags may be specified with additional on-board sensors to provide telemetry information specific to the asset or the environment where the tag is located.

    WiFi Overlay Network
    Firefly is deployed using the existing WiFi infrastructure for both communication and location tracking. This means that without a costly infrastructure to install the costs normally associated with deploying an airport wide tracking infrastructure do not apply. Where areas exist with poor or no WiFi low-cost WiFi exciters are deployed to ensure maximum tracking coverage and accuracy without a significant cost uplift.

  • The TracLogik Control Centre

    The TracLogik Control Centre brings the tracking information to life for users. Users can report on assets – to see the locations of specific assets or a group of assets, locations – to see which assets are at a specific location or just view a map to see the locations of all assets graphically.

    With built in user profiles administrators can ensure that users can only view the assets and locations they need.

    Designed, built and operated in-house, the TracLogik Control Centre enables a huge array of customisation options to power the most demanding usage applications.

    Unified Tracking
    The flexibility of the TracLogik Control Centre enables trackers and tags across multiple different technologies to be connected to the same interface to deliver a unified view of all your assets in real time. So, whether you’re tracking assets across the globe, within buildings, or both, the TracLogik Control Centre provides a singular view of your entire tracking and telemetry estate.

    Asset Management
    As well as providing real-time location information, the TracLogik Control Centre also enables effective asset management. Customisable asset status information lets users immediately see whether the asset is available for use. A built-in asset scheduler enables users to book assets for use and programme service schedules. Real-time alerts and notifications can let users know when appointments are missed. Asset manuals and attachments can be loaded into the system to give users all the information that they require.

    Always On
    The TracLogik Control Centre is available to users 24/7/365 meaning that it’s always ready for users. Even when users are not logged in the automated monitoring and management systems are functioning to provide real-time alerts and notifications based on pre-set conditions and scenarios.

    Cloud Deployment Options
    The TracLogik Control Centre is designed as Software as a Service (SaaS), meaning that there’s no costly capital expenditure associated with purchasing software licences and the ongoing costs are minimised without maintenance and hardware to worry about.

    However, where a different approach is required the TracLogik Control Centre can be deployed in several other ways. An on-premise deployment ensures that your tracking data is always held within your network. A managed hosted deployment gives you the confidence and security of your own system without the IT overhead and maintenance requirements.

    TracLogik Flexibility
    Since the TracLogik Control Centre is designed and developed in house it means that specific feature and functionality additions can be easily built into the system to power unique customer usage requirements. TracLogik’s approach to all customers is to fully understand their individual requirements and then recommend the best combination of hardware technologies and software underpinning to meet those. If additional features need to be built into the system, this isn’t a problem.


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