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High-Performance BHS Modules

TRANSNORM is a leading international manufacturer of high-performance modules that are used in bin and box conveyor systems as well as for baggage handling systems.

After the technology for the legendary TRANSNORM belt curve was patented, the company assumed a pioneering role in the development of modular conveyor systems.

Tried and tested, efficient conveyors with ‘best in class’ classification regarding performance and reliability, TRANSNORM components are essential to achieve perfect flow in linking the various routes between several floor levels in a baggage handling system.

With loads of up to 250 kg and speeds of up to 4meters/second, TRANSNORM belt curve conveyors, infeed and distribution modules, vertical conveyor  and the Safeglide spiral chutes ensure the quick, reliable and smooth transportation of flight baggage.

Decades of experience result in high-performance components based on an integrated design concept: customers demand more than excellent performance and reliability – minimum space requirements and simplified handling processes are equally important as quality criteria today.

Worldwide 29 of 30 airports use TRANSNORM modules in daily operations.

Company Profile

  • Belt Curve Conveyors

    TRANSNORM constructed its first patented belt curve in 1969 and is and world market leader in belt curve technology with 80,000 units since then.

    In the airport industry, TRANSNORM belt curve technology is used around the clock in baggage handling conveyor systems in all of the 30 largest airports in the world.

    Whether the conveyor angle is 90 or 180 degrees, whether it’s about flat or spiral curves – reliability is always the top priority. As in any high throughput industry, line downtime must be measured in minutes.

    The unofficial world record belongs to a TRANSNORM belt curve that has been art of the main baggage line at London Heathrow for over 21 year without ever needing a spare part.

    Advantages of the TRANSNORM curves:

    • Best performance and reliability at high speed and under continuous operation
    • Proven durability under extreme operating conditions, from desert to frosty climates
    • Precise, low-noise operations
    • Patented belt guidance technology with quick-lock fastening
    • Best profitability over service life
    • Easy integration into existing systems
  • Vertical Distribution Airport Units


    Intelligent, space-saving layouts with stacked conveyor lines are in high demand – particularly for BHS systems. The VertiSwitch TS 6600 high speed vertical conveyors with their light rugged and compact design match these requirements perfectly.

    Further they incorporate innovative construction with minimal energy consumption and with high level of reliability.

    They can be used for simple replacement of belt or conveying elements.

    Their benefits:

    • Reliability with a light yet rugged design
    • Exceed airport-specific performance standards
    • Compact design for minimal space requirements
    • Simple replacement of belts or components
    • High speed operation combined with low noise operation
    • Low maintenance
  • Belt Merges

    Just like on highways, a high-speed BHS system involves not only straights and bends, but also merges that can integrate baggage from two conveyor lines.

    Similar to merging traffic on a high way access ramp, the TRANSNORM TS6200 angled belt conveyors merge loads at high speed into the main stream or pulls them out if they are needed to be removed.

    The TS6200 belt merge provides high practical conveyor speeds coupled with extremely quiet running.

    Complicated loads such as airport baggage can be easily handled and conveying direction be easily changed.

  • Modular Baggage Lifters

    TS VC51 Airport Baggage Lifters

    The VC51 lift provides baggage handling systems with an innovative vertical distribution unit for high speed and handling of demanding loads.

    The most obvious advantage lies in the successful combination of high acceleration and positional accuracy within a few millimeters.

    The lifting movement is provided by the load belt and friction pulley which is extremely quiet and vibration free in operation.

    Lifting carriage and belt conveyor has been redesigned to consume the minimum amount of energy.

    The VC51 gives the capability to distribute unit loads to multiple levels quickly, accurately and reliably.


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