Airport & Airfield Grass Management, Wildlife Management & Bird Strike Prevention

TRILO offers you complete high quality solutions for airport & airfield grass management, such as grass cutters, flail mowers and grass collectors.

TRILO offers several types of cutters and collectors, suitable for different types of grass heights. The perfect help for controlling bird population/ wildlife management and preventing bird strike.

With the combination of grass collecting and vacuum sweeping Trilo offers multipurpose machines also ideal for collecting foreign object debris (FOD).

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Company Profile

  • Airport & Airfield Grass Cutting

    Studies have showed that keeping the grass height between 15 and 20 cm is the most effective method of controlling bird population and wildlife population at airports.

    This length prevents birds from finding insects and seeds and keeps them from seeing predators approach.

    Keeping the bird population under control is a big part of bird strike prevention. TRILO offers you i.e. flail mowers and grass collectors to help with this task.

  • Airport & Airfield Grass Management

    TRILO offers a wide range of machines for different markets such as airport grass maintenance, public road verge maintenance, golf course maintenance, sports field maintenance, event cleaning and public area cleaning.

    We offer high quality machines, built in our own factory in The Netherlands, which offer the perfect solution for grass, leaves, waste etc. By adding specific optional parts to our machines you are able to create a machine that is especially designed to fit your precise needs. TRILO is used in airports all over the world to everyone’s satisfaction.

    Please visit our website to view the full range of possibilities or contact us via If you have questions or like to receive a quotation, we are happy to help.

  • Flail Mowers & Grass Collectors

    TRILO offers different types and sizes vacuum sweepers with various options to create the perfect solution for your tough mowing and/or cleaning jobs i.e. for controlling bird population and bird strikes. Not only can TRILO vacuum sweepers be used to suck up mowed  grass from a mower, they are also suitable for collecting FOD.

    The collectors are equipped with a self-sustaining drive, which ensures that the power of the towing vehicle is not put under additional strain. These machines make tough mowing feel like an easy and swift job.

  • Airport & Airfield cut and collect by Trilo Vanmac bv


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