Trysil Maskin AS

Airport Runway Marking and Road Marking Machines

Trysil Maskin AS was founded in 1983, and are today one of  the largest producer of Airport Runway Marking and Road Marking Machines in Europe. The company has in-depth knowledge of how to manufacture functional, effective, dependable road-marking equipment for Airports, wide highways, narrow country roads and crowded city streets.

The technology we are using is basically the same for road-marking machines and airport-marking machines, but the airport-marking machines are specially developed together with experienced people that have many years of experience from marking airport runways and taxiways.

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Company Profile

  • Painting up to 50 cm Wide Lines:

    Gun-wagon 1 is placed on the left side between the front and rear axle and are mainly for painting curves on tax-ways etc.

    This gun wagon has 3 paint-guns and 2 glass-bead guns, painting up to 50 cm wide lines.

    It can be connected to the alternative color containers as well as the main color container.

    This makes it possible to paint a yellow line with black contrast on both sides; only yellow, only blue, only black, only red or a combination of these.

  • Painting upto 90 cm Wide Lines

    Gun-wagon 2 is placed on the left side behind the rear axle of the truck. It is connected to the main container, and is to be used mainly for the runways with 90 cm wide lines.

    The gun-wagon is supplied with 4 paints-guns and 5 glass-bead guns.

  • Technical Information Paint-Truck:

    • Paint-truck special developed for marking of airport runways and taxways.
    • The paint system is based on airless system for environment friendly waterborne paints. All functions are operated and monitored from the truck`s cabin.
    • Main paint container: 1000 liter fluidbag
    • Alternative color 1: 200 liter (for black/blue/red og white)
    • Alternative color: 200 liter (for black/blue/red og white)
    • Glass-bead container: 1 x 650 liter
    • Paint pumps: 3 x 25 liter/min. Max pressure 138 bar
    • Compressor: 1,84 m3 min – 1 (65 CFM)
    • Hydraulic valves: Danfoss pvg 32
    • Linecontrolling: Trysil Maskin developed for airports
    • Work lights: Tyri led lights
    • Paint capacity: 90 cm line /350µ – 5 km/h
    • Paint capacity: 15 cm line/350µ – 15 km/h
  • Skipline Systems and Automatic Spray-Guns

    We do also sell smaller paint machines to airports, and have developed skipline systems and automatic spray-guns for small machines.


Trysil Maskin AS
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