UK Aviation Security (UKAS)

Specialising in Aviation Security Training & Auditing

Welcome to UK Aviation Security (UKAS), we are a aviation security consultancy dedicated GA Operators, FBO’s and Commercial carriers. We are based in the United Kingdom, but operate specifically in the Middle East, Africa & Asian regions working with new airline “start ups” along with other aviation related projects around the world.

We operate a small experienced dedicated team of Consultants/Trainers all specialists within their own field, from IATA (IOSA/ISAGO) Lead Auditors, to Aviation Security Instructors, many of which have previous Military experience in past and present conflicts. Our team all hold the relevant qualifications and vast knowledge in so many areas from implementing Security Management Systems (SeMS), to Instructing Aircrew security training.

We’ve gained worldwide experience and knowledge in Security Compliance, Physical security measures, Auditing (IATA-IOSA/ISAGO) and AVSEC training (CBT & Classroom). We have a thorough working knowledge of UK Dft NASP 2013/SCD, EC300 & ICAO-Annex 17.

We’ve also acquired a wealth of culture awareness along the way, this comes from working and operating in all parts of the world, from London to Nigeria, Iraq to Afghanistan, contracting in some of the most hostile environments around the globe. Certified by the UK Department for Transport (UK Dft) to UK & EU regulatory standards we can instruct aviation syllabuses, and offer consultations to the aviation Industry, we are also :

  • Accepted by the UK Civil Aviation Authority to instruct Dangerous goods awareness training.
  • Certified by the Ministry of Transport for Civil Aviation (MoTCA-Afghanistan).

Company Profile

  • Aviation Security Services

    UK Aviation Security (UKAS) was established in early 2010, operating as a consultancy offering security consultancy including short and long term contracts, along with Auditing & training services to the aviation industry worldwide, we have operated around the world, but predominately in the Middle East, African and Asian markets, where our key experience lies, we have experience consulting for new start up carriers, along with developing nations.

    UK Aviation Security (UKAS) are Certified and Accepted by several organisations such as:

    1. UK Department for Transport (UK Dft).
    2. UK Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA).
    3. Ministry of Transport for Aviation (MoTCA) – Accepted by the U.S FAA.
  • We offer the following E-learning courses:

    1. General Security Awareness Training.
    2. Dangerous Goods Awareness Training (by air).
    3. Triple “A” Training.
    4. Passenger Questioning.
    5. Cargo Security Awareness Training.
    6. Secure Clean Awareness Training.
    7. Recognition of Firearms, Explosives and Improvised devices awareness Training.
    8. In-flight Supplies Awareness Training.
    9. Threat Assessors Awareness Training.
    10. Ramp Safety Awareness Training.

    *We also offer bespoke E-learning design and Management:

  • We offer the following Classroom courses:

    1. General Security Awareness Training.
    2. Dangerous Goods Awareness Training.
    3. Aircrew Security Training (Initial & Recurrent).
    4. Known Consignor Training.
    5. Triple “A Training.

    *We also offer bespoke classroom designed courses.

  • IOSA & ISAGO Consultancy and Advisory

    UK Aviation Security has assisted new and developing Airlines in gaining the renowned IATA-IOSA Certification. At UKAS we have decades of experience within the Airline industry, from Airline Security to Ground services, O.C.C and Quality & Safety. We can assist with the following:

    1. Full introduction brief to IOSA towards Airline Management.
    2. On-line training awareness for Airline staff.
    3. We work alongside Audit Organisations (AO) to offer pre-audits and advisory.

    UK Aviation Security has managed and set up new Airport stations and ground handling services in line with ISAGO ISARP’s, from India to Afghanistan.

    We offer full management services in new start up stations from Recruitment to documentation. We can assist with the following:

    1. Full introduction brief to ISAGO towards Ground services Management.
    2. On-line training awareness for Ground services staff.
    3. We work alongside Audit Organisations (AO) to offer pre-audits and advisory.
    4. Recruitment of new staff members.
    5. International standard of training from Ramp safety awareness to Dangerous Goods awareness.
    6. Design training packages such a Aircraft despatcher courses.
    7. Station documentation such as Operations manuals, Local Emergency response Programs (LERP’s).
    8. Expatriate management for start up operations and mentoring.

    For any queries, or for more information, please visit us at


UK Aviation Security (UKAS)
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