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Since 1995 we have secured some of the UK’s biggest businesses and organisations with our wide range of made-to-measure roller shutters, grilles, steel doors, and flexible installation services.

We have worked on projects for the Ministry of Defence, The Gherkin, Tesla, Top Gear, and Iceland. Every roller shutter is professionally installed by our expert team, providing you with reliable, easy-to-operate protection. We also offer comprehensive after-sales support, including maintenance and repairs, ensuring that your shutter doors are keeping you as secure as intended.

Secure Roller Shutters Fitted and Repaired

To provide you with unrivaled security, we’ve developed a range of roller shutters that will suit any business’ needs. From insulated shutters and heavy-duty industrial shutters to the unbeatable security of our commercial shutters, we’ve got the right product for your business.

But we’re not the sort of company to fit your doors and forget about you. We also provide aftersales support, including maintenance and repairs, to ensure that your shutter doors will be as secure as you need them to be for as long as you need them.

Unsure About your Shutter Door Needs? Get in Touch

Every business has its own shutter requirements, and we know that you might not be clear on which shutter doors are most suitable for your needs. That’s why we’re happy to offer you a no-obligation consultation. Our experts will discuss your business and premises with you, helping you to choose the right roller shutters.

Simply call our team on 01384 221743, email us on or make use of the quick enquiry form on this page. Then sit back and let us recommend a safe, secure and cost-effective shutter solution for you.

Company Profile

  • Fire Shutters

    Fire shutters and smoke curtains are usually used as part of an overall fire strategy in a building used in conjunction with other systems for controlling fire such as sprinklers and smoke extraction systems. All fire protection systems react to fire, heat and smoke in different ways in order to keep the building safe for occupants and emergency services in case of a fire. The role of the Fire shutter or smoke curtain is to compartmentalize a building in order to help prevent the fire from spreading so rapidly allowing anybody inside to evacuate as safely as possible.

    We have supplied these doors to a diverse range of customers including shopping centres, hospitals, school canteens, restaurants – as well as numerous clients in the industrial sector.

    Our fire-rated roller shutter doors and smoke curtains can be supplied with either a 1, 2, or 4 hour fire rating, depending on your requirements, and are tested to BS476 part 22: 1977. Your insurance company will be impressed at your choice of roller door, and its compliance with the Provision and use of Work Equipment Regulations.

    We offer a single skin and twin skin insulated fire shutter, depending on your needs and budget, as well as a fire curtain option for increased aesthetics and better protection against smoke.

  • We offer 3 main products:

    • Single Skin Fire Shutters – The most cost effective fire shutter solution, in the event of a fire alarm, the shutter can automatically descend by operation of the motor with the use of one of our fire interfaces. Various type of interface are available depending on your budget and need.
    • Twin Skin Fire Shutters – Unlike single skin fire shutters, this model provides incredible radiant heat protection. To put this into perspective, normally if a fire was raging at 1200oC on the other side of a standard fire shutter you wouldn’t be able to stand within 6 metres of the opening. However, due to the FR-INS4H’s unique construction, the radiant heat levels around the roller shutter door drop from 65kw sq metre to an incredible 2.7 kw sq metre. Also offers 21DB sound reduction value.
    • Fire and Smoke Curtains – Unlike fire shutters, fire and smoke curtains offer a much more unobtrusive way of protecting the premises against the spreading of fire if the user is not concerned with security as well. Furthermore, because the curtain is made from Kevlar and stainless steel thread that has been stitched or hemmed together, the curtain has very little airflow meaning it is very effective at containing smoke. Able to withstand raging fires for up to 240 minutes, this is the perfect product hotels, flats, airports or anywhere where the curtain will only be deployed in the event of a fire and where smoke is a major concern.
  • Heavy Duty Steel Security Shutters

    UK Shutters are able to supply a wide range of very high level security shutters that come with a distinct security rating accreditation including SBD (Secured by Design) or LPS 1175 security rated levels 1-4.

    Our steel shutters go up to level 4 whilst our aluminium versions will reach level 2. Please be aware, due to the nature of these shutters, they must be installed using certain fixings and must be installed in very specific ways in order to achieve the “LPS1175” security rating.

    The LPS 1175 test stipulates the allowable toolset and minimum time at each security rating level to prevent forcible entry through a building element.

    The test (carried out by the Building Research Establishment) measures the time to make a hole big enough to get a person through (minimum of an elliptical shape 400mm x 225mm). It must be stressed that the test is carried out by individuals who already know the product inside-out – including any “weak spots”.

    These ratings will generally be rated SR1-5. Please see below for a description of what each rating will protect you against:

    • SR1: Opportunist attack by bodily force using minimal tools (e.g. screwdriver, knife, pliers, etc) for 1 minute
    • SR2: More determined opportunist attack with tools of a higher mechanical advantage (e.g. SR1 tools plus bolt cutters, claw hammer, drill, etc) For 3 minutes
    • SR3: Deliberate forced entry of protected premises using bodily force and a selection of attack options (e.g. SR2 tools plus short axe, chisels, crowbar, gas torch, etc) for 5 minutes
    • SR4: Experience attempts at forced entry with higher tool levels (e.g. SR3 tools plus felling axe, sledgehammer, steel wedges, disc grinder, jigsaw, etc) for 10 minutes
  • Vision and Airflow Shutters

    We offer 4 main types:

    • Perforated Shutters – Our extensive range of perforated shutters serve as a great solution for retailers. Used in both the high street and shopping malls, our perforated Shutters allow closed premises to be secured, whilst allowing customers to see inside when the area is backlit. Security staff are able to see at a glance that the store is secure.
    • Punched Shutters – UK Shutters are able to provide you with a range of punched shutters and grilles so that you may protect your premises and still maintain a high level of visibility. Such a shutter, therefore, typically lends itself to the commercial industry where shop owner’s can close the building up securely and keep their merchandise on show at all times.
    • Tube and Link – UK Shutters are able to provide you with a range of tube and link shutters, which are regularly used to shut off server sections in bars so that spirits and bottles are visible whilst at the same time denying customers, unauthorised access.
    • Transparent Shutter – Some environments call for shutters that combine a high level of security with transparency. Our transparent shutters are used in a wide range of situations including retail premises, banks, museums, exhibitions and galleries, where public access is unrestricted, and high value items must be protected.


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