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Unilode Aviation Solutions manages the largest independent global fleet of approximately 120,000 Unit Load Devices (ULDs) providing outsourced ULD management solutions for 40+ airline customers. The company operates the world’s largest repair network for ULDs and galley carts with 50 stations at key airports, 30 of which are owned by Unilode.

Our ULD management and supply solutions allow airlines to reduce their costs, increase operational benefits and focus on their core business of flying passengers and cargo. We do this by providing tailor-made outsourcing solutions to meet the specific needs of your business and enhance your operations.

Unilode’s ULD and galley cart maintenance and repair (MRO) services ensure guaranteed quality and airworthiness of airline-owned equipment.

We also provide a wide range of additional services such as ULD assembly, pallet net repair, ground support equipment (GSE) maintenance and repair, aircraft seating maintenance and inflight entertainment upgrade.

Unilode is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, employs 580 aviation professionals across its 40+ locations, and serves 450 airports. Our name is new but our roots stretch back to the original ULD management pioneer, Unitpool, who introduced the ULD outsourcing concept to the aviation industry in 2002. After leading the way for nearly a decade, Unitpool merged with ULD and galley cart repair and maintenance specialists Driessen Services, JMI Aerospace and Airworld to become CHEP Aerospace Solutions in 2011. The company was acquired by EQT, a leading private equity group, in November 2016 and has been rebranded as Unilode Aviation Solutions.

Whether you’re looking to outsource your ULD management, reduce your fuel costs and CO2 emissions, gain access to the latest innovations, or remove the burden of repair and maintenance of ULDs and galley carts with guaranteed airworthiness and compliance, we can help improve your business performance and deliver significant cost savings and operational benefits.

Unilode look forward to finding out more about your business needs and showing you how we can deliver smarter ULD and inflight equipment solutions to you over the course of our relationship.

Company Profile

  • ULD Management

    Managing a ULD fleet is often mission-critical, with the risk of unforeseen costs never far away. So we’ve made it our mission to help airlines reduce their ULD-driven costs across six key areas;

    1. CAPEX and OPEX – capital and operating costs tied up in ULD management operations
    2. Maintenance and repair – uncertainty in costs and hassle in managing ongoing maintenance of container and pallet fleets to ensure airworthiness
    3. Lost ULDs and pallet nets – administration effort in tracking missing assets and cost of replacements
    4. Peaks and imbalances – costs for the variation in ULD demands at each network station
    5. Fluctuating fuel price – traditional heavy containers generate excessive fuelburn and CO2 impact
    6. Opportunity cost – foregone revenue of lost cargo sales due to ULD shortages

    We work closely with you to deliver total cost of ownership (TCO) clarity through an initial cost audit and analysis and then provide the right ULD management solution for your network, either through our ULD pool or a dedicated fleet.

    Supporting our customers’ desire to generate fuel cost saving (around US$ 2,200 to 2,600/year/container position), we have converted our entire fleet of LD3 containers used by passenger airlines to lightweight units, which reduce carbon emission by around 30%, increase cargo capacity and revenue, and reduce maintenance and repair costs.

    We supply the right ULDs in an airworthy condition, in the right place and at the right time, every time, from our global fleet of approximately 120,000 containers and pallets. When you partner with Unilode Aviation Solutions, you benefit from a smarter ULD management solution for your passenger and cargo network.

    ULD Management video

  • ULD and Galley Cart Maintenance and Repair (MRO)

    We know that ensuring the ongoing airworthiness and compliance of multiple assets across a global network while reducing costs can be challenging. So whether you require container, pallet or inflight equipment repair services at a single station or internationally, we are the strategic partner you need.

    We are the world’s leading aviation solutions specialist providing maintenance and repair (MRO) services for unit load devices (ULDs) and galley carts across the world’s largest network of 50 certified service stations, 30 of which are owned by us.

    Our solutions remove the burden and unnecessary costs of shipping damaged equipment back to your hub and increase space for revenue-generating cargo. We guarantee the quality and airworthiness of your assets and ensure that you gain accurate insight into the repair process of your ULDs and galley carts.

    Every year we complete over 420,000 maintenance and repair work orders for more than 50 ULD and galley cart MRO and 40 ULD management customers worldwide.

    Our regional management teams, skilled technicians, strong OEM relationships for technical and spare parts support, and CAA, CAAS, CASA, EASA and FAA Part 145 certifications ensure quality, fast turnaround times and value for money.

    ULD Maintenance and Repair video

    Galley Cart Maintenance and Repair video

  • ULD and Galley Cart Services

    We can also provide a tracking system for your galley carts, as part of our total repair and maintenance solutions offer. This proprietary tracking system is part of ACTIS, a unique software programme that runs on tablets as well and delivers total cost of ownership clarity including full visibility on parts usage and labour costs.

    In addition to our core ULD and galley cart maintenance and repair solutions, we also offer;

    • ULD assembly
    • Ground support equipment (GSE) maintenance and repair
    • Pallet net repair
    • Aircraft seating maintenance
    • Inflight entertainment upgrades
    • Aircraft parts control and distribution


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