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Runway Repair Solutions

URETEK Runway Repair Solutions include stabilising and re-levelling runways, taxiways, hangar floors and airport buildings. Our fast solutions delivered overnight have been used at the majority of UK’s major airports including, Heathrow, Gatwick, London City.

The Uretek slab lifting process is more economical and much less disruptive than slab replacement, which can put areas out of operation for many days. A major benefit is the speed of our repair and consequent savings in money and disruption. Sections being repaired using our solutions are out of commission for just hours at a time. Work is carried out one section at the time, at night or other low traffic periods.

Injected URETEK geo-polymer material has a fast curing time, and can reach almost full strength in less than 15 minutes, so airport operations can resume almost immediately.

The URETEK subsidence solution is a long-lasting remedial technique.

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Company Profile

  • Airside Ground Subsidence Solutions

    Here at URETEK we have been providing ground subsidence remediation services for over 30 years.

    What is Ground Subsidence?

    Ground subsidence is the downward movement of the foundations of a building or structure. In most cases, this is due to changes in the underlying soil conditions. Sometimes, the problem is associated to heave or the upward movement of the underlying ground. Landslip may also contribute. If foundations are built on a slope, the ground can begin to slowly slide down, damaging foundations.

    Large trees and plants, water damage and the type of soils foundations are built on are factors, too. For more information, please visit our Common Causes of Subsidence page.

    This problem is, of course, something that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. URETEK offers ground subsidence solutions for any structure or infrastructure, repairing them back to prime condition. Our methods reverse the effects of collapse inducing factors, helping you carry on with your day-to-day life.

    Designed to Last

    Thanks to our long-lasting solutions, repaired grounds and foundations can stay strong long into the future upon completion. Our comprehensive processes allow us to treat the problem at the source.

    Highly advanced geopolymer resins are injected directly to the origin of the issue without the need for lengthy and potentially damaging excavation and underpinning. With absolutely no digging required, there is minimal disruption to everyday activities and in most cases, you can even stay on the premises during the works.

  • Subsidence & Underpinning Services

    URETEK offers foundation repair, structural support and subsidence remediation services which have distinct advantages over traditional underpinning. We have unique proven processes that, with minimum disruption and no excavation, save our clients’ time and money, taking the stress out of repairing sunken concrete and subsiding structures.

    Our processes can be used across a number of different applications from small domestic applications of only 5 – 10m² to large industrial projects of over 30,000m².

    We have categorised our solutions into five types:

    • Stabilisation – Prevents lateral movement of slabs or structures
    • Releveling – Expansion forces raise slabs or structures to original level
    • Ground Improvement – Bearing capacity of soils or made ground increased
    • Structural support – resin pillars formulated in very weak ground to support structure above
    • Void filling – substantial voids filled with expansive, hydro-insensitive resin
  • Cut Runway Repair Costs by Half

    The latest application of polymer injection is the PowerPile system: expanding resins are injected into a furled geotextile tube inserted through a 3cm hole.

    The PowerPile then expands to approx 33cm,simultaneously supporting the slab and improving the surrounding ground.

    Piling a concrete runway with traditional methods could mean closing the runway for up to a year, whereas the PowerPile sytem is quickly applied and, like the other Uretek methods, involves no excavations.

    It provides all the benefits of the Deep Injection process to very soft, cohesive soils, and can cut runway repair costs by up to half.


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