USM Airportsystems AG

Modular, Sustainable and Fire Resistant Airport Furniture

USM Airportsystems manufactures modular, zero fire-load check-in, boarding pass control and immigration desks, security screening and lounge furniture and all other furnishings for passenger handling processes in airports.

A family run business since 1855, USM started as a metalwork and locksmith company. In 1963 Paul Schärer Jr., an engineering graduate from the ETH in Zurich and the grandson of the USM founder Ulrich Schärer, developed with Fritz Haller, an architect from Solothur, USM Modular Furniture. Mass production started in 1969 and saw the company’s success develop rapidly to an international level. In 2001 The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City included USM Modular Furniture Haller in its permanent collection. In 2007 USM was the first European company to be certified by the Greenguard Environmental Institute for low particle and chemical emissions for its products. Certification continued with USM being granted Leed and Cradle to Cradle.

In 2011, USM recognised their products as a cost effective and versatile solution for airports, offering bespoke furniture for projects that had specific requirements. USM Airportsystems AG was founded and has since then completed over 40 airport projects worldwide.

In 2017 USM introduced Haller E, an invisible cable free power supply, integrated into the tubes allowing for lighting and USB ports to be configured into the furniture.

The concept of USM is based on three basic elements: a chromed brass ball, a corrosion resistant joint and various sized chromed steel tubes (see below measurement table in millimetres). This forms the frame which holds the powder coated steel panels available in different colors and materials. The extremely high quality standards result in sustainable and long-lasting furniture.The modular elements of USM furniture allow it to be dismantled and reconfigured at any time. Units can be organized individually and simply extended using new elements, even if the furniture was assembled decades ago. Airports frequently experience technical changes in CUTE equipment, such as monitor, printer and scanner, types. For USM this is a matter of changing one panel.

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Sustainable concept and actions:
Developing solutions that respond to changing needs while remaining environmentally conscious has always been a USM philosophy. Since the beginning and throughout USM´s development, handling energy, emissions, materials and production methods in a responsible manner has been a key mission. In this regards, the longevity of USM products is of utmost importance. The longer the product can be used, the less impact it has on the environment. High-quality, durable materials, manufactured with the latest environmentally friendly technologies guarantees a long, useful life for our products.

Company Profile

  • Airport Terminal Furniture

    USM Airportsystems manufactures terminal airport furniture using the iconic USM Haller Modular Furniture system. The construction allows limitless possibilities to integrate technology, change colours or convert units from stationary to mobile and vice versa. USM Airportsystems solutions are applicable in aviation as well as non-aviation areas, and allow airports to establish a uniform corporate design from check-in to boarding. The use of extremely robust, high quality, damage and fire resistant materials creates a truly cost effective yet design conscious solution for architects and airport planners.

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  • Airport office, administration and conference room furniture

    USM Airportsystems offers airports conference room and office furniture using the wide range of modular elements and adaptable USM Modular Furniture. The range includes USM Haller classic tables and storage space, USM Kitos height adjustable tables and USM Haller E.

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  • USM Privacy Panel

    USM Airportsystems offers USM Privacy Panels as a way to create private zones either within the airport terminal or for administrative offices. As the requirements and the surroundings are constantly changing, USM Privacy Panels are modular and can be adjusted to the current situation. Customers can be supplied with modules that can be linked together either as stand-alone meeting areas or in conjunction other USM systems. As with USM Haller Modular Furniture, the product is industrially produced and cleverly designed to produce a result that requires individual solutions.

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Stationary check-in desk

The USM modular check-in desk is available in various sizes based on the USM tube and panel sizes. The system allows for the integration of all widths of conveyor belts and automated bag drop-off systems. …

Mobile check-in desk

The USM modular mobile check-in desk is often combined with stationary units in situations of increased passenger numbers. It includes a height adjustable keyboard shelf, printer extension shelves and a lockable door for the CPU. …

Boarding pass control counter

The two work station USM boarding pass control counter allows for the integration of two access control scanners. It includes two lockable doors for CPUs storage, two lockable doors for general storage and two flip-up …

Security screening furniture

USM Security screening furniture offers the option of a brushed stainless steel reinforced surface. This can be applied to the recheck console, transportation table, re-vest table and explosive trace detection (ETD) cabinet. All units can …

Gate counter

The USM Gate counter is a modular solution allowing for a one work space and upwards solution. Work stations can be added or removed depending on the needs of the airport. The counters are designed …

Information desk

The modular USM Information desk provides a multiple work station desk with any number of drawers and doors. An optional back office area with shelving and storage is available. Two or three sided configurations, square, …

Lounge furniture

The modular USM Lounge furniture provides any number of bar configurations. Back storage space with any number of extension, flip-up or drop-down doors are available if space allows for it Coat racks of any size, …

Rental car counter

The modular USM car rental desk is a multiple work station desk with any number of drawers and doors. Various USM colour options allow the airport to modify the furniture in order to suit the …

Retail and duty free

USM Modular Furniture is the ideal solution for duty free and retail scenarios. Using a combination of metal panels, glass and the integration of wireless lighting into the tubes, USM is the perfect showcase for …

USM Haller System

The USM Haller System is the original modular system providing infinite office possibilities. Design, storage and display systems that are perfectly tailored for airport offices and conference rooms. Together with the USM Haller table and …

USM Privacy Panels

The USM Privacy Panel is a simple modular solution designed to fulfil a number of needs. It can be used in administrative areas to create office zones, section off areas in lounges, control acoustics in …


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