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Airport Access Security Systems

Vallo Global offers custom engineered security and safety from a wide range of Airport Access Security Systems and products including Security Gates, Security Fencing, Crash Barriers, Metal Detectors, Access Control and CCTV.

Vallo Global specialises in providing client-specific security solutions using high performance perimeter systems. With products designed to survive harsh conditions and continuous use, Vallo Global are experienced in large infrastructure projects and sites requiring the highest level of security available.

Company Profile

  • Airport High-Security Fencing


    The ValloGuard™ palisade fencing system has been specifically designed to provide an ultra high security perimeter for the protection of valuable assets while presenting an aesthetic and formidable physical barrier.

    ValloGuard™ counters the known weaknesses of traditional steel palisade and security mesh fence systems via Vallo’s own pale and rail system.

    Vallo’s unique and flexible design allows for extreme site variations without the need for cutting, welding and re-fitting sections. With no fastener attack points and up to 45° gradient and 20° lateral changes without alteration, ValloGuard™ is quick to install.

    ValloGuard™ is available in four versions to suit security requirements.

    Independent tests in the UK and Australia have demonstrated that ValloGuard™ can resist more than 200 direct hits with a 6.3kg sledgehammer without fail or breach. The system also successfully defeated penetration by common hand tools and levers.

    ValloGuard™ has recently been used in a high security project in Papua New Guinea.

  • Airport Electronic Security Systems

    Vallo Global specialises in a range of CCTV and Access Control systems to suit all site requirements.

    We have a variety of cameras to suit all types of CCTV applications and can offer complete installation complete with all electrical and cabling on site.

    All our CCTV and Electronic Security products can be configured with our range of fencing and gates.

  • Airport Security Gates and Crash Barriers

    Protector Gates

    Vallo’s Protector Gates have been designed to complement our full product portfolio of fencing systems. Swing, sliding, manual or fully automated solutions are available. Sizes can be manufactured to suit openings from 1 to 10m, as well as tailor made to suit specific requirements.

    All gates are made to suit the fencing style they are attaching to maintain aesthetics and a wide range of infills are available, including round bar, square bar and hollow sections, manufactured to suit our portfolio of products.

    Armco Rail

    Armco steel corrugated barriers are designed for use on roads, bridges, car parks, warehouses and factories as a system for protection against moving vehicles. Armco barriers can be installed using either concrete footings or bolted down to existing groundwork. A range of internal/external bends and posts are available to suit all requirements.

    Road Blockers

    The Vallo Road Blocker is a heavy-duty, reliable and fast operating rising barrier suited to any application where there is both high vehicular and pedestrian traffic flow. The Road Blocker not only provides an effective barrier against vehicles but against motorcycles as well.

    Road Blockers are an effective visual deterrent ranging from low to high impact resistance. They may be installed as single independent units or in combination with other products, such as with barriers or gates in order to achieve a sluice arrangement forming a vehicle checkpoint.

    Road Blockers have a simple and fast installation process requiring only a relatively small footing to ensure minimal site disruption.

  • Airport Metal Detectors

    Handheld Metal Detectors

    An essential element of Airport Security, our Handheld Metal Detectors offer an ultra sensitive response to metal objects, contraband and other metallic objects.

    With two options currently available – Handheld Superscanner or Tactical Handheld Metal Detector – these easy to use detectors are perfect for screening use in airports and allow for quick, thorough scanning with maximum sensitivity.

    Walk-Through Metal Detectors

    Vallo’s Walk-Through Metal Detectors offer maximum security with minimum maintenance. With easy to use LCD/LED touch pad controls and multiple programming levels, Walk-Through Metal Detectors can be manufactured to be both weather-proof and abuse resistant for the harshest of operating environments such as maximum security prisons, jails and hospitals.

    With four models available, Contact Us today to discuss which best suits your security requirements.



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