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*Following the recent announcement of Grant Westfield’s decision to withdraw from the Commercial Washrooms market, Venesta’s has acquired the Intellectual Property Rights for Grant Westfield Commercial Contracts Division products. With immediate effect all new enquiries for commercial washroom products should be directed to Venesta. *

Our toilet cubicles and washroom systems combine cutting-edge innovation with superb performance and aesthetics, with solutions to satisfy the most demanding brief. All the fittings for our washroom cubicles are designed to fit with your requirements, in terms of both functionality and visual appeal. The same attention is applied to the materials and fittings we select.

We have been at the forefront of washroom design for many years; pioneering Integrated Plumbing Systems. We were the first to introduce aluminium fluted pilasters to cubicle systems, and we revolutionised education with our children’s height cubicle doors and digital screen prints.

With over 100 years of innovations and design in airport washrooms, we have a project portfolio including Heathrow, JFK, Charles de Gaulle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness, Gatwick, Bristol, Stansted, London City, Southampton, Belfast City, Islay, Leeds Bradford, Southampton and Farnborough.

Company Profile

  • System M - Washroom Cubicles

    Designed specifically to meet the regulations of Document M, this stylish, durable cubicle features a quick and easy emergency release suitable for all washroom applications, particularly airports, schools, hospitals, retail and hotel and leisure.

    The patented system enables normally inward opening doors to be opened outwards in the event of an emergency, without having to break components or lift off pilasters or doors.

    Product Features

    • Quick and easy access in an emergency
    • No damage to the cubicle, simple to re-set
    • No visual compromise, or sight lines into the cubicle
    • Reduced risk of litigation and peace of mind
    • No tools required, simple release
    • Suitable for full and standard height cubicles or door sets
    • Retro-fit capability
    • Complies with Doc M, Accessible (DDA) compliant solutions and SSLD-3 regulations
  • Washwall

    Washwall challenges the conventional design of washrooms through offering one complete solution. Its unique modular system has the ability to integrate sanitaryware, brassware, mirrors, wall panel systems and electrics all into one specification and fitting.

    Product Features

    Through combining all systems into one installation, Washwall revolutionises efficiency and operations in every detail. Simple access to services and consumables can also be achieved with side-hinged lockable mirror doors that feature streamlined movement.

    Washwall can be constructed in over 100 standard configurations which opens up new opportunities for building interiors and creates new solutions for a huge range of applications. Saving up to 75% of installation time and between 60-70% on water and energy consumption, this system is changing the way we design our washrooms forever.

  • Clipclad - Panelling Solutions

    With many years of experience in creating panel products for highly demanding interiors, Clipclad is the ultimate solution to precision wall panelling.

    Clipclad allows simple mounting and de-mounting of panels to engineered metal frames. Panels can be mounted to Clipclad rails with buttons where fixed or full height, lift off panels are used. If access is a requirement, cams and spring clips are used to secure and release the panels.

    Clipclad is available in modular and linear forms, and with optional slim-line and dust and water sealed panelling, with each variation integrating seamlessly with one another.

    Clipclad supports almost any material suitable for interior use, opening up endless possibilities for innovative, space-saving and accessible cladding of any open space for retail, transport, education, healthcare, and commercial interiors.

  • Façade Flush – Emergency Access

    With minimalist design and clean lines Façade Flush is our executive cubicle. This system looks beyond the WC cubicle to tackle many common problems by addressing one; integration. From the outside, its clean, minimalist line offers exquisite aesthetic appeal.

    From the inside, Façade Flush can easily be adapted to create “personal space” cubicles. The combination of all these features with the facility to remove doors for emergency access produce a revolution in cubicle design that has proven perfect for commercial and education interiors alike.

    Product Features

    • Fully compliant with BS 8300 Section 12 Scottish non-domestic technical handbook 2013 and Document M revised 2013 Section 5
    • Rebated vertical edges for a smooth, flush finish
    • Adaptable for unisex, personal space cubicles
    • Integrates subtly into washrooms and corridor spaces
    • Wide range of executive and contemporary finishes
    • Flexible to suit individual requirements


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