Verde GSE, Inc.

Ground Support Equipment (GSE), Pre-Conditioned Air – PCA for Commercial Airlines, Airports, and Military Applications.

Based in sunny Palmetto, FL, Verde GSE designs and manufactures 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120-ton static and mobile pre-conditioned air units for commercial and military applications.

Verde GSE’s line of PCA (pre-conditioned air) units are born from the toughness and simplicity demanded by the military, utilizing the highest quality components and most advanced technologies available. With a rock-solid foundation in energy efficient technologies, we can provide a PCA solution with unmatched efficiency, flexibility, and serviceability.

What do you get when you buy Verde GSE?

  • Verde’s pre-conditioned air products save customers an average of $2,500 to $4,000 per gate/year1
  • Our sole focus is pre-conditioned air and continuously improving PCA technology
  • All products are made with renewable materials
  • Our PCAs are easy to operate and maintain
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas effects by drastically reducing refrigerant charge
  • Reduction in industrial hearing injuries – We strive to produce products with sound levels below 85db

What energy saving features our customers like best about our units?

  • Lower tonnage PCA that performs like higher tonnage units Want a 45- ton unit that performs like a 60-ton unit
  • Eliminates energy robbing high failure electric heat
  • Safer heating – Reduced risk of electrical fires
  • Run fans at higher speeds moving more heated air through passenger compartment

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Company Profile

  • Static Preconditioned Air Units

    Verde offers static Preconditioned Air units with optional heat pump technology. These units are either bridge mounted or stand mounted. Our standard tonnage includes 30, 45, 60, 90 or 120.

    System Highlights:

    • Lowest refrigerant charge/ton in history
    • Industry first vertical microchannel exchanger
    • Seamless defrost
    • Common component and controls platform
    • Verde-ICETM controls
    • High energy efficiency
    • Blower and condenser fan speed control
    • Advanced heat pump
  • Mobile Preconditioned Air Units

    Verde offers two models in our mobile line of Preconditioned Air units, V30MH and V60MH. Both models come with standard Perkins or Cummins engine options. However, Verde makes every effort to work with our customers if another engine is desired.

    Like our static preconditioned air units, Verde’s mobile models offer the same innovative, energy savings technology like none other on the market today.

  • High Pressure Preconditioned Air Unit (Military Applications)

    Verde’s military PCA models offer:

    • Low refrigerant charge per ton:
      • 67 pounds refrigerant per ton capacity (10lbs 15-ton Compressor)
      • Passive compressor protection – military proven
        • No pump down cycling, no isolation valves, no compressor sump heaters
      • VFD’s on the Blower and Fans – resulting in energy savings
      • VFD option for compressor- additional energy savings
      • Industry leaders in cooling and heating1 efficiencies
      • Actively cooled electrical enclosure
      • Wide array of communication options
        • Wi-Fi
        • Cellular
        • Bluetooth

    1 Our PCA heat pump technology with more than double the standard heating efficiency – no low


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