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As an Expert for Emergency Pneumatics, Vetter has been supplying Aircraft Lifting Bags and other Recovery Equipment to airports around the world for more than 30 years.

Your benefit:
Recovery teams trust our products to quickly clear the runway from disabled aircrafts without further damaging the valuable aircraft. This reduces impending losses for both airport and airlines.

We offer suitable lifting bags for all kinds of civil and military aircrafts, including the A 380.

Vetter is an IATA Strategic Partner. We are always up to the latest rescue standards and actively engaged in the continuous improvement of how aircraft recovery is performed.

Our latest developments are the innovative Vacuum Contour Matching Bags. These unique Vetter products adapt perfectly to the structure of wings and forms around wing attachments. Hence, they guarantee a straight lift with minimum pressure point loading. It just works better, without any additional damage!

Made in Germany
When it comes to security and fast, safe recovery – quality is all that matters. This is why we exclusively produce in Germany guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

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Company Profile

  • Innovative 1 Bar Aircraft Lifting Bag System for Safer Lifts

    Only Vetter offers you Aircraft Lifting Bags with both 1 bar and 0.5 bar air pressure. Our 1 bar system has many advantages over the conventional 0.5 bar systems, such as an

    improved stability, especially to lateral forces. It allows more stable lifting – and therefore
    safer recoveries.

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  • Unique Vacuum Contour Matching Bags for the Most Gentle Lift

    Only Vetter offers you Vacuum Contour Matching Bags, which fit to every kind of aircraft.
    They adapt precisely and gently to wings and other crucial parts of an aircraft.

    Your benefit: better lift, no additional damage.

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  • Our Lifting Bags Offer You Innovative Pneumatics.

    We offer you individual service.

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Vetter GmbH - A Unit of IDEX Corporation
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