Public & Flight Information Display Systems, Flight Announcement Systems, Airport Operational Database

LPT airport software specializes in easy-to-use information systems for airports named: vias.

The range of vias software products includes viasAODB, viasFIDS and viasPAS which offers a flexible and user-friendly system to provide traffic information to passengers. Each software system can be customized to your specific needs and in close corporation with your in house it-department.

Parallel to developing the traffic information system vias, LPT offers software consultancy. Through analysis and evaluation of your existing system(s) and your current situation, we strive to find the right solution by engaging in close dialogue with you.

All our solutions support a multi airport mode, where several airports share the same server. This saves maintenance people and requires less skilled onsite personal.

viasAODB is designed on the base of many years of experience from work in and with large airports and a lot of smaller airports.
viasAODB was build to support smaller and midsized airports with a minimal need for customization.
viasAODB is, from an administration point of view, all you need to run a small airport, beside an economy system.

viasFIDS manages large numbers of external units with text and graphics.
viasFIDS can be (re)configured online which allows changes and updates to be implement without interruptions.
viasFIDS reacts promptly to any external incident, which ensures the reliability essential for any airport of tomorrow.

viasPAS is your way to automatically generate loudspeaker messages from ANY passenger information system.
viasPAS makes it possible accommodate ANY language which enhances your service to both airlines and passengers.

Company Profile

  • viasFIDS

    viasFIDS: Single- or multi airport solution based on multi airport hosting with ONLY one SITA interface.

    viasFIDS: Designed for multiusers environment which allows users in different operating aspects to assign different tasks i.e.

    • Stand allocation
    • Gate and check-in assignments
    • Resource planning
    • Execution of flight handling

    • Operators frontend includes a Stand Allocation View designed for a better overview which updates automatically if the systems detects irregularities i.e. delays or cancellations enhancing planning performance.

    • ARRIVAL BELT operators can assign optional passenger information regarding belt allocations. The operator panel is touch based to give the best performance.

  • viasPAS

    viasPAS is a fully automatic Announcement System designed for confined public areas dividable into zones. viasPAS is design to handle TTS (text-to-speech) options as well as announcement based upon pre-recorded phrases. The system can be optional manual operated i.e. announcement for missing passenger.

    viasPAS (Passenger Announcement System) is compatible to any Flight Information Display System (FIDS) currently used in airports. The key elements in the development of the viasPAS has been usability, stability, cost efficiency and clear communication.

    viasPAS ensures a clear and correct pronunciation in languages chosen by you to secure your visitors an easy and stress less navigation of your airport.

    Using viasPAS will enhance your ground service performance by offering airlines both LCC and FSC multiple language announcements.

  • viasAODB

    viasAODB covers all aspects of the airport operation, it can run in multi airport mode, serving independent airports or a airport groups.
    viasAODB is in real time contact with all other critical airport systems, such as slot coordination, AIMS, BHS, Docking, FIDS and AFAS systems assuring an instant exchange of information between the different systems.
    viasAODB enables all information, whether manually collected or automatically retrieved, to be exchanged between all stakeholders.
    The multi airport option gives the possibility for a centralized infrastructure with a common maintenance and support team.

    • Online (re) configuration of Database – as your airport grows the system parameters can be amended and updated accordingly.
    • A true real time event driven solution with response times in the range of 1-2 seconds. Integration with important airport systems such as AIMS, slot and allocation systems.
    • A system that uses industry standard databases (Oracle) and a choice of exchange data formats between industry standard XML or the more compact JSON format.
    • A centralized monitoring system
    • A system that can interface to type-b messages providers such as SITA or ARINC or type b-messages on POP3 e-mails.
    • A pricing model that reflects the size of your airport where you have access to the full package regardless of airport size.
    • A system capable of informing your different staff groups, where you are in control of the filters used for each group.
    • A state of the art user administration where you define user profiles and apply them to user groups.
    • A rigid system that only needs to be taken down if the servers need to be upgraded for a hardware or software change
    • Smooth integration with economy systems


    • viasINFOPOINT transforms content features on a monitor into audio announcement enabling the visual impaired to receive information.
    • viasINFOPOINT automatically detects when a person is standing below it and will begin to announce the content of the monitor to which it is connected.


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