ViaTech AS

Runway Friction Testing and Runway Pavement Scanning

ViaTech is a Norwegian company manufacturing products for friction measurement, pavement scanning, and asset (road corridor) mapping. ViaTech is working directly with both private companies and Highways and Aviation authorities in Norway. ViaTech has a clientele and partner network in different countries across the globe (viz. USA, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, India, Philippines, Mexico, Lithuania, Belgium, Australia, Germany, and many others)

There 3 major products viz

  • ViaPPS – Checks a multitude of parameters for pavement condition.  This is needed for checking construction quality and estimating cost of maintenance.  ViaPPS also checks the road corridor for asset management.
  • Via3DMapper –Captures Road corridor and asset mapping.
  • ViaFriction – Measures Road friction value, an essential parameter related to safety and for prevention of accidents.

Hence timely mapping of pavement distress and planning a preventive maintenance is a key.

The unique selling point of our systems are.

Ease in Operation: Easy to operate with automatic data processing tools for pavement parameters and road geometry.
Capture multiple data in single run: Can capture corridor data too in a single run which gives scope for capture of additional features / asset inventory
Data compatibility: Point Cloud data can be exported into . las / .laz and other 3D point cloud compatible format.  Road condition reports can be adapted to the users requirements and is normally in .csv format.
Support: Enhanced remote support capabilities
Inhouse developed system: As system is developed inhouse by ViaTech, you always get scope for flexibility

Friction is measured by fixed slip / variable slip method and by spraying a layer of water (1mm for airports, 0.5mm for roads) in front of measuring wheel. It’s measured by longitudinal force in continuous friction measurement system.

ViaTech has supplied its products to road and aviation authorities from Norway, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, USA and having private customers all around the globe.

ViaTech was founded in 1997 and is based in Kongsberg, a town with many high-tech companies, 80km south-west of Oslo, Norway.


ViaFriction - Airport

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